View Full Version : Cradle & the Old Hag

13th Oct 2004, 10:24
I just did the mission in the Cradle and can't finish it cause I still lack any hint of the Old Hag. I have been everywhere and done anything, found 100% loot and all special items. Could anybody give me a hint?

13th Oct 2004, 10:33
Go back to the Nursery and check it out more thoroughly. You did not explore it well when you went in and found the diary.

You need to spend more time examining the rooms you enter in the missions. Every area you enter be it a room a street, whatever, needs minute inspection. Thief is a LOOK and SEE WHAT YOU LOOK AT, game. You cannot be successful with a quick glance around, or a grab object "XYZ" because you are told to an ignore the rest of a site.

Good luck.

13th Oct 2004, 10:43
First of all: thanks for your hint. But believe me, I search every room VERY thoroughly, else I would not come up with 100% loot and all special items. I also read everything, did so ever since Dark Project. I went instinctively back to the nursery, thinking that I missed something there. I will do so again.

P.S.: What is it with the spoilers? I did not give away any information there, did I?

13th Oct 2004, 12:24
I went through the nursery about ten times and did not find anything besides that letter about the gold teeth, an empty chest and an equaly empty fireplace .

13th Oct 2004, 13:41
Are you even in the right room? It's the one with a few beds and not available until you enter the Cradle's memory.

If you wait for a while you'll see that the 'ghost' goes to the end of the room and reads a book on a table. It contains the information about the hag.

13th Oct 2004, 14:43
Finally found it :D . I mistook another room for the nursery which is in the other part of the map. Looks nearly the same: long room, beds, one man guard walking up and down. No idea how it is called. Thanks again for the help.

13th Oct 2004, 16:00
Glad you made it. As for the spoilers. you did mention certain objectives concerning the villian. :) Many don't even know about the situation inside the Cradle, and the less they know before the better.

Names of places and people don't reveal too much, but required actions or how to's do. ;)