View Full Version : Annoying run/walk problem

13th Oct 2004, 05:15
Well i checked the forums and couldnt seem to find any instance of this problem i'm having so if it has been adressed before, sorry.

Well when i am playing the game sometimes my guy will run and then all of a sudden slow down to a crawling walk..then all of a sudden it kicks back to running. This is extremely annoying and i cant really enjoy the game when 70% of the time i'm walking at half a mile an hour. Increasing the movement speed doesnt really help because then my guy just walks faster sometimes and then a bit slower at other times..its basically un controllable. The game is installed on my roommates computer and seems to work absolutely fine. Here are my specs.

Asus K8V MotherBoard
AMD 64 3200 (2.0ghz)
800something mb of ram
Radaon 9600 Atlantis

Thanks. This game looks really good but unfortunately with this bug it is simple unenjoyable. Hopefully someone can fix my

13th Oct 2004, 07:06
Do you have a mousepad/joystick or other such control device installed? If so, disconnect it from the computer and try playing again. This has been a rather common problem, and your particular problem sounds related.


13th Oct 2004, 20:14
Yeah i had a gamepad plugged in but i took it out.same problem...i tried 2 different keyboards and still the same problem.

13th Oct 2004, 22:04
I also patched the game to 1.1 incase anyone suggests that..and still the same problem persists.