View Full Version : X Box glitch

12th Oct 2004, 00:09
Okay, thief ds plays fine, but on the menu, start screen, pause ect, theres just a loud, drawn out buzz. Anyone have this problem, or know how to correct?

13th Oct 2004, 00:15
plz someone help, i cant return the game cause i got it awhile ago, and dont have receipt

13th Oct 2004, 11:26
plz som1 help dude

13th Oct 2004, 19:52
plz k trhnx. omg help, i dont kno wats wrong with it!

14th Oct 2004, 01:22
does it happen everytime or just once in a while? I have had this happen too and I just restart my Xbox.

21st Oct 2004, 18:58
Geez man, chill!!

It's no wonder you aren't getting help, you posted this in the wrong forum.
Try the Thief>Technical Difficulties forum.

Don't be so desperate, you'll probably get help (if you post in the right forum!).