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11th Oct 2004, 22:43
Hello again, I made a little .avi movie, that I want to use like a briefing. What I have to do? I thing, that I have to rename it into

B41.avi (my mission is Miss41.miss)

and put it into directory Movies. I¨ve done, but my brief isn't work. My second idea was a check a missflag.str. I edited it and now it seems like this:

miss_41: "end"

It's good or not. I don't know, what is the comand "no_loadout".
But nothing's happend. Could it be problem with codecs? My mission is not still done, so I can't post it somewhere to betatest.

John D.
12th Oct 2004, 12:12
I'm not sure what's wrong exactly. First I would rename your mission miss20.miss instead of 41 because I'm not sure thief will work with that kind of number. As for the miss flag here is the one for my current mission Deep Trouble 2 (which will soon be in beta as soon as I get the rest of the voice work)

// Valid mission flags
// skip This mission doesn't exist; it should be skipped.
// no_briefing Skip the briefing movie
// no_loadout Skip the loadout
// cutscene Play a cutscene immediately afterward
// end End the game when this mission is completed

miss_1: "skip"
miss_2: "skip"
miss_3: "skip"
miss_4: "skip"
miss_5: "skip"
miss_6: "skip"
miss_7: "skip"
miss_8: "skip"
miss_9: "skip"
miss_10: "skip"
miss_11: "skip"
miss_12: "skip"
miss_13: "skip"
miss_14: "skip"
miss_15: "skip"
miss_16: "skip"
miss_17: "skip"
miss_18: "skip"
miss_19: "skip"
miss_20: "no_loadout"
miss_21: "no_briefing,no_loadout,end"

Now as you can see it's a 2 mission pack but I think the setting that would work for you would be:

miss_20: "no_loadout,end"

If that doesnt work you may have a codec problem (Lazarus would be the expert to ask on that one) Hope this helps.:)

12th Oct 2004, 12:20
Originally posted by YohnY
my mission is Miss41.miss

I don't know how the game looks for mission files, it may look for the missXX part but if the file extension is included, miss may cause problems because it should be .mis.

12th Oct 2004, 22:02
Miss it's wrong, sure, this was my writing mistake.

I left my own numbers and put no_loadout, end and it's working good. Thanks.