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9th Oct 2004, 20:28
People at work where playing darts with a picture of angeline jolie on it. Some dude got a bulls eye. :D Be honest I found it funny and I was inspired to buy a dart board. They are quite cheap you can get them from kmart, althought I have to get more darts cause they only give you six. It seems like a very interesting game reading the box. I got the dart game for my birthday gathering which is in a couple of weeks and the new rule is if you hit angeline's face you get 100 extra points, that's a special bulls eye.:D

9th Oct 2004, 20:32
Darts are a lot of fun. I used to play a lot at a local bar. Great game to play with friends.

10th Oct 2004, 10:02
Pool is better, no pictures of anybody, just pool....