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9th Oct 2004, 20:20
Hi all.I need some help plz.
Ive seen the movie with the meeting with the friendly keepers and now i have the objective:
Return to the keeper library in stonemarket plaza then find the secret tunnel which leads to the keeper compound

where in plaza sould i go?

Mr. Perfect
9th Oct 2004, 22:43
I never found the tunnel myself, but there is another way in. Above the door to the keeper compound is a open window. Use your climbing gloves and you can enter through that window.

9th Oct 2004, 23:44
i havent found what u say.
Ive gone to the map of old quarters...where compound is....and there is a closed double iron gate and nothing else.
Am i missing something.Arent i supposed to go at THAT place?
I havent been to the keepers library as the objective says to.
The only way i know is through the glyph which is not working now.

9th Oct 2004, 23:53
You need to go to the other portion of your MAPS. The one with TERCES COURT.

Go remember the nook you exited into from the Library the first time? You need to go there. Then LOOK UP. You need the climbing gloves.

Climb in the window above the GLYPH.

10th Oct 2004, 14:09
Thanks for the help.
Now i have another problem. I must find inspector Drept in his workshop.
Im outside the door of the pub.
Where is that window??

10th Oct 2004, 14:48
It's the window with large hamer on Your right, if You are facing the pub.
May the Builder's Hamer guide You!

11th Oct 2004, 23:07
Hi again.
Now im in that cradle,ive done everything and im about to jump from the window and kill myself
but first i have to find information about the "hag". Anybody can help me?

12th Oct 2004, 00:17
First, to ask specific questions as you have been USE THE SPOILER Button at the top of the REPLY page. Others may not have gotten to that point in the game, may not even know about the things you are talking about, and you are GIVING THE PLOT AND THE GAME AWAY.

Second: You need to go back to the nursery and read a note that is there.

You are skipping parts of the map and missing information. It may be that you are trying to follow a walkthrough, or you are just "trying to beat the game" instead of playing it. When you do that you just "beat" yourself.

You need to examine every inch of a room when you enter one. You need to examine every scrap of paper, listen to every conversations, and check your own NOTES in the ESC menu.