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9th Oct 2004, 16:17
If you have to choose Thief 1, 2 or 3 then which one is the best?

Personally I find Thief 2 to be the hardest in the series. There's often a very large map with a goal to accomplish, then it's up to the player how to do it. Also the use of map and compass is IMO much more complex than for instance T3 where you follow a somewhat outlined path.

Even since it's been some time since I played it, T1 has a very special atmosphere. The 'Thief academy' being an unusual and cool feature in the game. I have to say T3 is my personal choice, cause of the graphics and the lockpicking that's been improved since before.

So which is your favourite and why? Please include a screen capture from one of the games.

10th Oct 2004, 15:59
Personally I prefer Thief : Deadly Shadow since I only play this properly. Last time when I was playing Thief one, I was too young to think deeply how to solve those puzzle (but I wonder how I completed Soul Reaver 1 without any help). This time, I understand what's 'graphic', 'stratergy', 'gameplay'...so I enjoy more in this game. :P

10th Oct 2004, 18:24
i guess everyone else would agree that thief 1 was the best game ever! regardless of graphics and hi tech. stuffs. that game was the 1st game that introduced stealth mode. when I 1st played thief 1 in 98 I was totally crazy about it. I even kept on playing it few times few months ago, of course that was after finishing T2. which was also a great game, but I didn’t like the metallic stuffs there! Robots??! Duuh…

as for T3 ……… what can I say? I have not played it yet though I have the DVD ;)
but still waiting for my new machine to come alive :D

10th Oct 2004, 18:25
T2 for me! I'm not that much of a fan of the "supernatural"
elements in T1 and T3, and as annoying as the 'bots were in T2,
at least I could think of them as believable.
To be fair, each game has it's own "best" missions, and it's own
problems, but if I had to pick one it'd be T2.

11th Oct 2004, 12:22
Originally posted by Saudi_Garrett
that game was the 1st game that introduced stealth mode.

Actually that was Escape from Castle Wolfenstein in the early 1980s. Then there was Metal Gear in 1987, Metal Gear 2 in 1990, then Metal Gear Solid in 1997. THEN Thief came out :p

Anyways, Thief 2 reamins my favourite. Amazing level and mission design, not too much supernatural, intresting puzzles and monsters, plus, Life of the Party.

11th Oct 2004, 14:08
Originally posted by tealsmith
Actually that was Escape from Castle Wolfenstein in the early 1980s. Then there was Metal Gear in 1987, Metal Gear 2 in 1990, then Metal Gear Solid in 1997.

Aren't those more or less action games with some stealth elements rather than Thief that is mainly a stealth experience. But then again I haven't touched those games so I could be wrong.

As for Thief saga, I think The Dark Project was the best. The atmosphere, story and characters are marvellous. Plus "Return to the Cathedral". But TMA and TDS are great games too.

11th Oct 2004, 15:45
Thief 2. The variety of gameplay, less annoying undeadness and coherent level structures instead of all that random bs the designers used in the albeit brilliant Thief 1. Thief 2 surpasses BG2 as my absolute all time favorite game.

11th Oct 2004, 17:09
Well T2 is too difficult for me. I'm still lost in the 'Ambush' map without getting anywhere.

tealsmith, isn't there a game called Tenchu that goes in the same genre as well. Only saw it briefly on Playstation, it could be available for PC as well.

13th Oct 2004, 02:21
It's a real close call between T2 and T3, but I'd have to go with Deadly Shadows. It's been a lot of fun to play. First I played it through normal, and now I'm playing it serial-killer-style (killing everybody I can)... it's really fun and actually pretty hard!

17th Oct 2004, 03:59
I would say Deadly Shadows because it is the only one I have completed, but I am playing T2 whenever I get to.

20th Oct 2004, 19:23
Thief Dark Project is the best. Period. Every mission in it is original, since it's first. The tech in 2 is too much of a pain, but i do think that 2 has the best mission: Angelwatch. The puzzles are the best and the maps are well-crafted.

3 is too short and doesn't properly follow the pattern of the previous games. The villian shouldn't have been who it is and should have been who it appeared to be.

And I just like the Pagans. Constantine will return... seriously