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8th Oct 2004, 18:06
I posted a few months ago wondering if Eidos would do the old Thief series justice. Siding with a few loyal old skoolers posts, I figured they'd make it some cheesy action game. Thankfully I've been proven wrong! Not only did they tie in most of the old story line, they have made it thier own. Aside from the conflicting images of Garrett, I have very little to complain about. Except that I cant even play Cradlebridge at night...lol my God when the door was knocking in the attic, I nearly wet myself. I'm trying to play slow, because I have a bad habit of rushing through games. Yea, no burricks...they were cool. Whoever came up with the background sounds....youre a scary scary person, good work. The in-between videos are awesome. Except thats where Garrett looks a little bit Disney. Great job Dark Shadows maker guys! (that encompasses alot of ppl)


Grey Mouser
8th Oct 2004, 18:54
Thanks for the kind words. Many of the folks (myself included) who were invloved with T: DS check here now and then, and it is always nice to hear a little praise instead of vitriol.

Glad you enjoy the game.

8th Oct 2004, 21:01
You guys did fine. It's a great game, no matter what the naysayers think. Keep up the good work!

8th Oct 2004, 22:19
Yes I must agree. T-DS is very different from T1 & T2, but now that I've gotten into T-DS, it's great fun.

9th Oct 2004, 00:26
What do you do for Eidos GM? Did anyone from Looking Glass have a hand in T-DS?
Oh yea one day I left the game sit at the start up screen and saw the really cool intro video that kicks in. Sweet! great music too.
I was a bit bummed also about not having a sword, but I suppose a professional thief would'nt use something so bulky. I've come to "accept" the dagger. I wonder what its like to play on a nice vid card? I barely get by on my Raedon 9200se. It seems to frame very slowly.