View Full Version : FFXIV: Error 8002316

27th Aug 2013, 06:19
Hehe, I was getting the 'no longer correct/invalid' remark for awhile, but I think I broke it even further. Cause now I can't get it to stop saying Error 80023156.

Am I the only one getting this one :D

Anyway, I use to stay up all night raging with everyone else till about 5am and then give up and go to bed. I think tonight Im just gunna eat a bunch of comfort food and then go to bed. See you doods tommorrow (if the game is still broken for me), an also, to those staying up, have a little fun with it and keep those rage posts going.

Feels better to get it off your chest then to hold it in, thinking and hoping that everything will be fixed soon. Sorry to say (from my experience :P)