View Full Version : Anyone skip pavelock?

8th Oct 2004, 11:08
If I'm attacked in the street & taken to pavelock, i always quit the game and load my last save. I'm in Gamalls Lair at the moment and I've never played the Pavelock level you're escorted to when you die. Anyone else do this or do you solve the Pavelock level and return to your game?

8th Oct 2004, 11:15
For starters I never let myself get caught. If spotted and chases I just flash-bomb anyone around that might give me trouble and head for the most secure and dark shadow to hide in.

But if they somehow managed to get Garret "killed" then I just do it. The only exception to this is when Garrets death is caused by some bugs. Like when in the dock's tavern, if you try to mantle from the lower part of it (where the table is with the news about the ship) to the upper wodden part, you would suddently appear underneath the tavern and drowned.

8th Oct 2004, 11:37
I skipped it on my first play through.

8th Oct 2004, 11:41
The first time I completed Thief DS I did so without going to jail once. I started playing again and deliberately got caught to see what would happen. The prison level is quite a bit bigger than I thought. Its always fun to kill the fat warden that spits on you when you first enter.

8th Oct 2004, 14:49
You should go to Pavelock for the fun of it. You'll be able to get all your stuff back and escape, so there's no downside to it, and it's another "mission" in the game that is nice to have.

8th Oct 2004, 15:28
and you can kick warden stout's fat *ss !! that guy needed a good punch in the face,I made him pay for spitting on garrett !!!

9th Oct 2004, 03:03
I played through twice and never got into the prison. Then I decided to explore everywhere and kept trying to figure out how to get in the front door or open the street grate to get in. It wasn't until I was peeking in the .ini files that I saw some setting that indicated where Garrett would go if he died which was Garrett's "cell". So I dove into the water at the docks, died (sort of), and ended up in the prison to play my way out. I had to commit suicide to get in.

9th Oct 2004, 03:58
Committing suicide is not hard to do if you have played T1 and T2. It is natural to jump in the water. To avoid that, you need to have read ahead in the forum, which spoils the fun. It is also natural to be killed at some point during the mission. So, you end up in the prison. Seems simple enough to me. You see yourself in a new place -- an opportunity to explore. Why try to avoid it?

9th Oct 2004, 06:50
I took the scenic route through the park. :D

10th Oct 2004, 02:58
But I *was* trying to get in. Having to die wasn't obvious to me. *Die* to go into prison? Actually I did try exploring in the water but then I died. However, I hit the Quicksave reload button before waking up in the prison. Hey, I figured that I died and that was then end of the mission and my choices would be to restart the level or reload a saved game. So I reloaded a saved game (which was right before I dove into the water). I don't remember the loud "We got him" oration when I first tested exploring the water, so I must've been quick on the reload key. So thereafter I figured you just died when you went into deep water and didn't do that again. When I went back to exploration, my first retest of dying was in the last mission - and there you just die (I got dumped out to the mission screen with an option to restart or reload). On another replay (from the start), I then tested diving in the water and happened to wait longer this time to see that my death was an exaggeration. Logically, I figured, there must be a real way into the prison and dying didn't seem a logical method.

10th Oct 2004, 17:19
How do you get into Pavelock? The only time I got in was when I fell into the water near the ship in docks... I skipped it ATT because I was in the middle of doing something important but now I'd like to go back... anyway to get into pavelock without just jumping in the water?

10th Oct 2004, 19:14
First time you die in the city sections you get sent to pavelock