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8th Oct 2004, 00:50
I decided to replay it on expert, but im stuck at the first level :) where the heck are the three special loots located? I got 2 of them allready, but im not entirely sure where i found them so please post all three locations. Ive been wandering round for hours looking sytematically through (abviously not) every corner, and it starts to feel alot more than work than an enjoyment :).
Ill defenitely stop playing on expert from now on, the thought of having to systematically search through every level this way makes me itch in bad places!

8th Oct 2004, 01:11
That's the challenge. To actually use your eyes and mind to see, find and solve the puzzles.

The painting of Mad Mortimer.
The Golden Helm (in the ladies bedroom in the tower)
The Medallion on the mantle in Lord Ember's room.

8th Oct 2004, 07:27
And theres something called life. Where you use your real sences, in order to evolve as a person :rolleyes:
Thanks for the solution.

8th Oct 2004, 07:49
Game or real life; being aware is the key to survival. No difference other than the game allows you a second chance. Life does not, and frequently shortens your sphere of existance because you were not aware. :)

9th Oct 2004, 17:20
Yep. Sorry for flaming btw. The fact is, I tried taking that painting a couple of times since it was pointed out in a note, but i must have been standing in a wrong angle i guess.
(edited out the spoiler)