View Full Version : No Text in Menus

7th Oct 2004, 04:59
When I run the game the desktop gets a little dim and the computer appears to lock up. after hitting ESC a few times the load screen appears and looks fine. The game runs from then on but there is no text in any of the menus.

I saw references to this in the technical forum, but the people who were complaining about it had unsupported cards. I have a Radeon 9700 pro and Catalyst 4.9 drivers installed. This same computer has run every FPS game you can think of with no problems.

Any ideas?

7th Oct 2004, 05:01
Sorry about the repost Blackman, I thought I was posting this as a bug report.

19th Dec 2004, 01:06
I am still looking but could a link be put to the thread that fixes this