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7th Oct 2004, 03:52
I have a Radeon 9700 pro and xp. When I run the game nothing happens except the mouse pointer dissapears. after hitting "escape" a few times the loading screen appears and looks fine. then I get to the main menu but there is no text in the boxes. Upgrading to V1.1 was no help. Any ideas?

7th Oct 2004, 03:55
Try reading the IMPORTANT THREADS at the top of this page.

Try updating your DRIVERS.

7th Oct 2004, 04:25
Hi, and thanks for getting back so quickly. I updated the drivers and the same thing happens. Could you at least tell me which of the myriad of important posts I should be looking at?

7th Oct 2004, 04:29
Try the bugs and fixes, and look in the TECH thread for driver discussions.

The SEARCH button on every post page is YOUR FRIEND. :D

As is the SEARCH THIS FORUM at the bottom of every FORUM PAGE.

7th Oct 2004, 04:41
I don't mean to be a pest but I am still floundering around the forum without seeing anything useful. Have you heard of anything like this happening before? I couldn't find the TECH thread you mentioned, nor could I find any reference to menu's without text in the boxes.

7th Oct 2004, 04:44
See the button at the top right that says HOME. This takes you to the main EIDOS page.

If you scroll down you find THEIF SERIES. You can see the TECHNICAL thread there and all the other THIEF forum pages.

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