View Full Version : a fix for some with sound and crash issues

5th Oct 2004, 10:58
Ok i had a lot of problems with the game and couldnt find
nothing much of help on problem solving..

some will know this im sure so no flaming :P

is intended for those who dont..

1.go to mydocuments and look for the SHELLSHOCK_NAM67 folder
in the folder open TOD_PC file and change postrender effects to Off and change 3D sound to Off

that will fix most sound issues especialy for those who use onboard sound and a small fix for video glitches
for those it dont fix - start looking into driver updates
mainboard-sound-directX-ect ect

2.I had a problem with the game freezing or locking up
video card - driver related im sure - but i like my drivers performance better than others it best for my card . I run forcware 61.32 - but i have read over and over that the game has issues with 61X and up drivers

so instead of reverting back to older driver i simply reverted binkw32.dll back a notch located in the game directory - I used the one from Raven Sheild - and the game doesnt freeze hang crash or nothing for me since

not any binkw.dll will work so just dont go switching blah blah,

to old of a file will cuase major mess im sure of.
A Superb fix for me since before this it would crash or video hang every 5 mins or so i would have to do a cold reboot every time.

hope that helps anyone:D