View Full Version : Crashes on 2nd mission beginning

John D.
4th Oct 2004, 18:03
I've been putting in objectives and setting things up in Deep Trouble 2 in order to get it ready for beta test, however when I beat part one and go to play the next mission, the next mission will begin, but crash just as soon as I start. I used Komag's tutorial so I think I have everything set up right, what could be causing this?

5th Oct 2004, 10:35
How does it work in Dromed?

Check your monolog.txt for errors.

Is your missflag.str file done correctly?

John D.
5th Oct 2004, 11:47
It works fine in Dromed, when I play the mission in T2 it crashes without showing anything in the monolog.

Here is my missflag.str file:

// Valid mission flags
// skip This mission doesn't exist; it should be skipped.
// no_briefing Skip the briefing movie
// no_loadout Skip the loadout
// cutscene Play a cutscene immediately afterward
// end End the game when this mission is completed

miss_1: "skip"
miss_2: "skip"
miss_3: "skip"
miss_4: "skip"
miss_5: "skip"
miss_6: "skip"
miss_7: "skip"
miss_8: "skip"
miss_9: "skip"
miss_10: "skip"
miss_11: "skip"
miss_12: "skip"
miss_13: "skip"
miss_14: "skip"
miss_15: "skip"
miss_16: "skip"
miss_17: "skip"
miss_18: "skip"
miss_19: "skip"
miss_20: "no_loadout"
miss_21: "no_briefing,no_loadout,end"

Do you guys see anything wrong?

Edit: I also looked at the crash000 file and it said:

Brush 47 (face 0)
Brush 1023 (face 5)
Brush 1023 (face 4)
Brush 1 (face 2)
No brush matched.
Brush 6337 (face 1)

What does that mean?

EDIT: (on the missing no_briefing on miss 20, there is a small intro video by Lazarus so that's not a mistake)

John D.
5th Oct 2004, 20:24
Okay, I think part of my problem was the fact I had my starting point in what seems to be a bad cell area, so I moved it to another location and it worked fine, only to crash after I moved into another area. It looks like I've run into some kind of cell/structural flaw I'll have to sort out.

6th Oct 2004, 01:30
does your monolog say anything when you optimize that level at all?
if it's some structural problem, i'd be really surprised if it didn't say anything.

check your room brushes maybe?
do you have water or sky on any solids or anything?
(trying to think of odd brush-related crashing things)

oh yeah, and i have no idea what the stuff in your crash log means :(

John D.
6th Oct 2004, 11:55
Edit: Insanely long monolog removed-it was an ai problem.:cool:

6th Oct 2004, 16:01
Jesus christ John... :eek:, you make up more than 90% of the posts in this section and 99% of the letters :P Still, not sure, sorry.

6th Oct 2004, 17:27
If you're testing the FM in a clean T2 folder, does the zip contain your modified Dark.cfg?

John D.
6th Oct 2004, 19:46

It wasnt the architecture at all! It was a custom ai!
I borrowed a keeper lady model from DEDX, changed the skin and properties, she worked fine in Dromed, but I noticed anytime I went into a area in Darkloader that she was placed, that's when the crashes happened. After removing all of those models and replacing them with some of the other stuff I was using, everything worked fine.:cool:

Oh well, there goes one character-but dont worry...there's plenty of other people to hurt you in my FM...hehe:cool:

John D.
6th Oct 2004, 19:51
Jesus christ John... , you make up more than 90% of the posts in this section and 99% of the letters :P Still, not sure, sorry. I know, but after cutting ties with TTLG. This is the only major editing forum I have access in order to ask questions on dromed issues. As I figure out new things (and new errors:p ) others can see and learn too (or at least know how not to build things!);)

6th Oct 2004, 20:37
I just tried the default lady Keeper and there was no crash.

What properties did you change (spoilers permitting of course ;) )

John D.
6th Oct 2004, 21:30
Well I didnt use the DEDX01.gamesys due to various problems (including framerate meltdowns-thanks to Sterlinio for discovering that, I just wish I knew back when I made Island pt 1-I could have avoided so much cutting).
I made my own gamesys (Deepbase1.gam) and brought the keeper ai file in, perhaps being a different gamesys had something to do with it.

I also:Changed the ai skin and used the alt-link to put one of Targa's knives in her hand. I also set her motion tags to the Ninja set courtesy of Shadowspawns motion files. I also changed her Creature Type to Zombie in order for her to hurt you with either hand. What I ended up with was a creepy gal which came at you with lighting quick slashing and stabbing attacks. I'm not sure what in the mix went wrong, Shadow's motions work fine for the new servants so I dont think it was that, and the other skins I've altered for the FM work just fine, but I'm not worried about it now-I replaced those ai with more of the other two varietes of new Servant troops I've made via reskinning and altering properties

Unless something else happens all I have to do now is get some addtional voice work in and I should be able to have a beta version ready.:cool: