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private ryan
3rd Oct 2004, 05:01
Heya guy's, just thought i'd throw this out there to see if any1 else with a 6800 GT, is having the same problem i'm having?

Problem: I got a 6800 GT about... a few months ago, and i've been re-installing most of my games since then, But recently i re-installed theif3 and i'm geting artifacts in some areas of the game... the game play's great it just seems like it's some driver issue... i have 61.77, and dx9.0c.

Is any1 out there having this problem aswell, and maybe have found some kind of fix for it? thanx.


4th Oct 2004, 05:49
I bought a 6800 GT recently, after playing TDS, and I have not played it again all the way through. I did load it up and play for a while in the first mission, and I did not see anything strange. Running 61.77 drivers, too, but I am running dx 9.0b. Are the artifacts commonplace, i.e., seen in Mission 1?

private ryan
5th Oct 2004, 01:14
one place i've first noticed the artifacts is.. when you first start a new game and go thru training, then crouch thru that metal grate and when i open the door in there thats when i first noticed it.

But it doesnt just happen there.. in certain areas of the game it also happens, i tried turning AA and AF off but it still seems to do it, it could be somthing to do with DX 9.0c.

I supose i can deal with it for now.. it's not like it's effecting the performance it's just video based maybe until nvidia resleases new drivers.

5th Oct 2004, 05:24
Can you take a screenshot of the problem? I am also running a 6800 with 9.0c and the 61.77 drivers but have had no troubles.

private ryan
5th Oct 2004, 23:35
well i would but i'm not sure how to post the pic on forums.

5th Oct 2004, 23:42
You'll need some sort of off site hosting. I like Photobucket.com (http://www.photobucket.com). They'll make your pics smaller if you upload particularly large files. Try and save the shot as a jpeg and keep the filesize below 300k.

private ryan
6th Oct 2004, 02:05
Well i'm trying to take a picture of the artifacts but every time i try and take one the screen shot isnt picking them up.

The artifacts are like long triangles of black and others with wierd colors and such...and they move very fast like the game is having a seisure, in specific areas it starts and others it's fine, like certain objects or areas on the game.

Could it be somthing with the installation... cause i had to install it manually, wait no... cause with my 5700 ultra i dont think it had artifacts in this game, the 6800 GT work's fine with any other game not 1 have i seen any sign of artifacts just this one any idea why?

6th Oct 2004, 03:47
I think I know what you are talking about, you get large stretched textures that affect different items in the game? I've seen it diagnosed as a driver issue, but we have the same driver. How is the cooling in your case? Heat could cause an issue like this to pop up after an upgrade.

Also, I should said this earlier, but be sure your sound and motherboard drivers are fully up to date.

private ryan
6th Oct 2004, 06:31
the heat is fine i'm geting like 60-70c on full load which is normal for a GT.

What do sound drivers got to do with artifacts, and my mobo drivers are upto date as far as i know.