View Full Version : Woa! I love it! But some technical questions (WXP)

3rd Oct 2004, 01:31
Hi people, I am starting to play it and well, as always graet job!
It work just perfect on this PC:

Mother: U8060 Via chipset
Windows xp prof
AGP 4x slot with Ati RADEON 9600 Pro 256 RAM DDR Atlantis :)!

I am so happy but I have some questions, perhaps you can help with your experinece with XP? I only upgraded because of Thief and recently I notice that with the "upgrade" option of the install is very unstable, So, I formatted all and installed everythinf from zero but something weird happened and now my ATI 3.10 display graphic are making strange things. Is only the help pannel, the one that appears in the toolbar of Windows, the screen just goes black and WXP work in the background just fine. I re-installed and deactivate that option and everything flyes now! Any idea? never happened before, I am trying the new 4.9 drivers tonight.
Thanks so much for reading, sorry my english in advance. Also, is the thief editor out?

3rd Oct 2004, 14:21
No, the editor isn't out and of course you're going to get issues running stupidly old drivers.

3rd Oct 2004, 15:34
Rather abrupt, Guineapiggy! Still, do upgrade the drivers - ATI Catalysts 4.5 to 4.7 had a flickering texture problem in T: DS which should be fixed in 4.8 and 4.9. Some people report better performance with 4.4 though.

As for the editor... see my sig. Not sure if Scott has received any letters from Uruguay yet. :)

3rd Oct 2004, 16:04
Sorry, didn't mean it to sound harsh, no, GlasW0lf is right. And send a letter!

4th Oct 2004, 00:39
Dont worry guys, I do not feel offended because of hardware stuff :)! The problem is that when I tried the 4.9 Drivers the game is very choppy. I suppose that because they improved the speed of the card my low end memory (zero) cant handle it. I´ll try next weekend downloding 4.4 and see what happens.
And for the letter :( Sorry to tell you that is going to be impossible because the mail service has been on conflict for more than 1 month and is starting to work very recently and is very likely the card will never arrive to Eidos, the mail service here is sooooooo bad and there is lots and lots of corruption in it, steeling correspondance is common etc. Currently they are "cleaning" the house litterally :(
Still, I can play and that is what I want! Thanks for the help :)