View Full Version : Help getting out of Fort

2nd Oct 2004, 05:54
Just rescued the prisoners in the fort. I get to the Lt. sitting in the chair. After he finishes "telling me to GET OUT" I never make it in time. 2 minutes seems like a pretty short amount of time to navigate up thru the basement, the corridors, out the bldg. and thru the courtyard to the main gate before it blows. I've tried THREE times and never make it. Any hints?

3rd Oct 2004, 17:10
The first time i tried it i got lost, and failed. However when the game re-started i simply made an effort to memorise the route down to the basement.

When the time came, it was easy to get back to the main gate, and i made it with 30 seconds to spare.

Just make sure you take a mental note of the route on the way in, and you should be able to complete it.