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1st Oct 2004, 17:08
OK. I've seen some discussion on this, but I want to be clear about my observations to understand if this a bug, feature, or plot device going on?

Having played the previous two Thief games, I decided to start in expert mode right off the bat. Part of this attempt is also to see if I can simply get around and complete my objectivess without even knocking anyone out--pure stealth play.

But then I entered Stonemarket Proper for the first time.

It appears that the citizenry there (or at least the thugs who reside there) are determined to thwart my attempt at stealth play.

Regardless of what *I* do--the thugs wind up eventually fighting the Watch guards over something--and then proceed to attack the populace in general. This inevitably leaves bodies and pools of blood everywhere, which constantly have the citizens and guards in a state of aggitation and heightened level of awareness.

The result is that it seems EVERYONE is now out to get *ME*. I used to be able to walk by citizens unnoticed, with only the City Watch to worry about slipping past--but now even a glimpse of me sends citizens shouting for the Watch, who always refer to me as a "killer"--even though I had nothing to do with the slayings that took place. And the Watch AND the thugs tend to be looking into the shadows for me nearly constantly anyway because the blood and/or bodies triggers them to do so.

So I'm simply wondering if this is just how things are scripted to be, or if this is some type of AI glitch. I wouldn't normally care about them killing each other off--but the game seems to now play like it is ME who is being sloppy/reckless in my goal pursuits, as opposed to simply being an "invisible" bystander to the problems of others.

Any insight is appreciated. :)

1st Oct 2004, 17:27
If you notice, in Blood Alley, and elsewhere in the city, there are posters on the walls with YOUR picture, and a reward.

The discovery of any body with you near by will start a chain reaction with YOU as the target of all armed AI. And a scream and run from the unarmed.

This is not a bug. So RUN AND HIDE. :D

Mr. Perfect
1st Oct 2004, 17:33
It is annoying though. I've been in similar situations where a thug and a gaurd have at it, and sudenly it's as if I'm wearing a bright orange shirt that says "It was me! I killed all teh peoplez dead!!1!"

It's especialy annoying when the real murder "rediscovers" the body and then blames it on me.:rolleyes:

1st Oct 2004, 17:50
Thanks tB.

hmmm...so in essence, I wind up being framed for murder. :)

I wouldn't mind that, except it's not executed very logically. For instance, if a guard kills a thug in self-defense or protecting a citizen, it's as if everyone forgets that the guard did it--including the very guard who slew him.

I suppose I could also try hiding all the bodies lying in the streets to see if it calms things down--won't solve the blood problem though...or keep further confrontations between thugs and watch from happening.

Or maybe I could try knocking the thugs out from the beginning and hiding their bodies--thus preventing them from stirring up trouble to begin with?

I dunno. Mainly, they're just making life a pain in the butt for me regardless. This is the first time in the series I've had the independent actions of others cause such problems for me--which basically means (at least in this section) that I go unrewarded for trying to be as "stealthy" as possible. I might as well go through the area slaughtering everyone, because the result is the same either way. Not sure I care for the twist any more than Mr. Perfect does. :(

Alan W
1st Oct 2004, 18:11
You can use water arrows on bloodstains. Obviously you can't do that all the time, but it can be useful, if it is stopping you getting past.


1st Oct 2004, 18:21
Do what I do. HIDE. Then when the killers run the other way, go out to the pile of bodies and collect all the loot that is lying in the street. Purses, bracelets, necklaces etc.

Just be sure to run and hide again if anyone comes back. You can pick up 5 or 6 hundred or more this way.

The bodies certainly aren't going to need it. :D

1st Oct 2004, 18:51
Originally posted by Riftblade
Or maybe I could try knocking the thugs out from the beginning and hiding their bodies--thus preventing them from stirring up trouble to begin with? That won't work, since after a few minutes, the thugs' identical twins will come along looking for trouble.

1st Oct 2004, 20:16
Could be many people missed it. Too many of the members only have the SHOW POSTS set for one (1) day. So when they come back after a day or two away, they overlook some of the posts made while they were away.

I always suggest setting it for 5 days. Then you get a good selection, and any new replies are obvious in a thread you are interested in.

It could also be because no one really had anything to say, or a reasonable answer.

Don't let it worry you.