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1st Oct 2004, 14:05
Ok I've been playing T3 for almost 10 days and I still have the problem of the way to improve the faction status with these guys. For the pagans I planted their "sacred plant" so they are neutral to me. As for the hammerites , I killed a few undead at the ship , at the catacombs and at the cemeterary , so they are neutral to me too. I still don't get something though:
1. Who the hell is Rust Mites?????????
2. Where are these corners with the green symbols that I'm supposed to throw arrows??????? (maybe these green circles with a fish inside them that they are outside their territories eg. the park at Auldale)?????????????????
3. Where could I find these elemental cocoons???????????

I'm currently now on the search of the hag's hideout but still this faction status concerns me a lot. I'd appreciate your assistance on this fellows gamers!!!!

PS: Maybe my questions are stupid or something but still..... I'm desperate!

1st Oct 2004, 14:30
I'm sure someone else can explain this better, since I haven't found the cornerstones yet, but the rustmites are the large bugs that crawls around in some part of the city. Shoot at it with the broadhead arrow and it will increase the faction.

The cocoons are located in the pagan camp in the docks and in Auldale. It's a pretty large structure with 4 blue cocoons on it. Shoot one of the elemental arrows at any of them and keep doing that unless you don't want to waste any more arrows.

By shooting at the cocoons you can increase the faction really easy and if you already done other favors for the pagans it won't take long to get the faction 'allied' in a moment.

1st Oct 2004, 17:23
Rustmite= big RED spider looking things.

And Underhill has it right about the cocoons. The elephant tusk things. But the Pagans want 4 arrows per day. 1 each, Gas, moss, fire, water. Shot through the cocoons.

Also the "cornerstones" are not marked with the color green, but with a dark brown symbol that looks like a spider.

1st Oct 2004, 23:45
Thanx a lot mates!!!! At last! I'm allied with them!!!!! Thanx again!