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30th Sep 2004, 19:34
I bought Shellshock 67 2 weeks ago and found out it was DVD-Rom but I dont have a dvd player in my computer. So I did what the insert said to do and sent it back to the company and they said they would replace it with a CD-Rom. Well here it is 2 weeks later and I havent seen hide nor hare of the game and when I trie to call the number's I can find on the site and on the box I keep getting a message to choose one of the following or stay online to talk to a representative. Well when I stay online to talk to a rep the number gets disconnected and Im told if i would like to make a call please hang up and try again.

If Anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it or if an actual Eidios worker sees this and could tell me what to do that would be a great help also.

Thank you.

30th Sep 2004, 19:42
Hey JaysonWardrop! In my own experience of these types of retail scenrarios, replacing an item bought can take up to 28days, here in the UK anyways. I don't know where you are from, but two weeks isn't a long time to have waited, I'm sure your game will be replaced, I know its frustrating but give it just a little longer, I'm sure the postman will be knocking on your door in the not too distant future! ;)

We do have Eidos employees frequenting the board on a regular basis! Helpful bunch! ;)

30th Sep 2004, 20:46
Thanks for the info. I have never had to do anything like this before and seeing as how you told me it took 28days in the uk it will probably take a little longer here in michigan. The only frustrating part is the fact that i didnt know how long to wait and couldnt get ahold of anyone to tell me.

again thanks

30th Sep 2004, 21:06
You are welcome, like I said there are quite a few helpful Eidos employees dropby regularly, they will be able to help you better! Hang in there! ;)

oooooooooooooooo gawd how did I end up in here!! Last I posted I was in Community Chat - now I find myself in a war zone!!! :p Looks like one of those friendly employees might just have dropped by! ;) :D

*LM retreats to the Tomb Raider boards! Good luck Jayson! ;)

30th Sep 2004, 22:41
Am assuming this is US based yeh?

Must say my teacher at school would go mad to see your named spelled Jayson, not Jason (i got into an argument once with him that Jason could be spelled with and without the Y)

Anyways, back to your issue, I am Eidos UK so cant speak for our US office guys, but they are on here often so am sure they'll see this and get in touch.

Grey Mouser
30th Sep 2004, 23:27
Hi JaysonWardrop,

(And 'Hi' to you too, Jason!).

Jumpin_Jebus and I are both in the Eidos Support dept. for the U.S. I am currently looking at several mail bins containing about 150 packages that have been sent in for DVD-to-CD exchange, and yours is no doubt among them. Unfortunately, we here in Support have yet to receive the exchange CD's to send out, thus the delay. My understanding is that there was a manufacturing issue that has been corrected.

I am told we are expecting them tomorrow, Friday October 1st, and as soon as we get them here we'll get them in the mail to all who requested the exchange.

I'll update this thread when we physically have the discs in-hand and are able to start sending them out.

My sincere apologies for the delay - I know what it is like to have purchased a new game that you cannot yet play - but we'll be shipping the exchange CD's out as soon as we get 'em.

As far as your troubles with getting through to Support on the phone...??? We have been receiving calls all week so I am unsure what the problem could be. The phone system we use is software controlled and occaisionaly has a 'hiccup', but it is usually reliable. I'll go ahead and start testing its menus to see if I can determine why you kept getting disconnected, but if you try to call U.S. Support and get disconnected again, please email me directly at: sholbert@eidos.com to let me know you are still experiencing the problem, if you would!

1st Oct 2004, 12:27
Thanks again guys I really appreciate the info and yes my name is spelled with a Y so you can tell your english teacher thet there were crazy hippies in the '70's that thought Jayson spelled the way it was would be different and cool.


1st Oct 2004, 12:30
Originally posted by JaysonWardrop
Thanks again guys I really appreciate the info and yes my name is spelled with a Y so you can tell your english teacher thet there were crazy hippies in the '70's that thought Jayson spelled the way it was would be different and cool.


Well being called JASON cos


and i was born in september (so middle letter) is comical too

Grey Mouser
4th Oct 2004, 20:50
We received the CD's today and will be mailing them out as quickly as we can. If you required a DVD-to-CD replacement for Shellshock, it should be in the mail in the next day or two.

5th Oct 2004, 02:20
Thanks for the info guys. Eagerly awaiting the game.

7th Oct 2004, 22:02
Just wondering if they were shipped out?

11th Oct 2004, 12:47
I bought a DVD player.
Now I can watch movies too.
You might as well get one. Games these days will require one. Better to have one dvd than 5 cds

13th Oct 2004, 11:23
A week and a half ago you guys posted that the cd's were recieved and that you would be shipping them out over the next 2 days well here it is another week later and almost a month after i sent in my disk with a letter stating that i need a replacement CD ROM and my address and i still havent recieved it. Have they been sent out? And as for a dvd player for my computer i wish i would have bought one now i could have gotten it for 40 dollars and been fine and playing by now