View Full Version : Caution when raising object limit

John D.
30th Sep 2004, 16:59
In my recent troubles with my 2nd mission in my upcoming FM, I got a lot of advice from many sources. However Unconageo gave me this message which I thought I might share, seems like raising the object limit isnt as safe as it might appear.

He told me:
While you were building this mission, did you ever increase the max obj limit? If so, sometimes when you do that dromed thinks you have that many objects no matter what, and sometimes it can be a one way street, you think you should be able to change it back to 2400 objects, but it won't let you.

This is one way of doing it and is quite a huge pain.

Write down each texture in your texture palette as they appear on your screen when you Alt+T. Write them down in their exact order, starting from Jorge all the way to SkyHack. Now, start a brand new blank mission, and load each texture, one by one, in that exact order, and save the mission.

Go to your mangled mission, and filter everything but lights and other objects. Now choose the last object you created and keep clicking delete over and over again until every object is gone. Portalize the mission, then make one large area brush around your entire mission and choose "multibrush me". Save the multibrush group as Deep Trouble.vbr, and close Dromed. Open it up to your new mission with all the textures you loaded one by one in the exact order as the original. Now load your Deep Trouble.vbr into that mission. Don't drag it, Type in solid exact location number for it like x 100.0, y100.0, z100.0 or something that will keep it away from 0,0,0. Make sure you don't have it in the way of the original cube in a new mission, just keep that as your blue room. Now dissolve group, snap to grid, and portalize. Make sure you are on the same grid size in the new mission as the grid you were on in Deep Trouble 2. You may have to touch up a few locations here and there. Now replace all objects.

If you are running out of objects, think of low poly places where you could construct .vbr files of chairs, desks, beds, tables, etc..

Due to the large size of the mission and the fact that the architecutre and ai/object placement is almost finished. I ended up trying some other things and making a few stragetic cuts that havent really altered the quality of the level in order to keep it's release on time. However I thought I might share this so that other people might think twice before raising the object limits, you might try other things like R Soul mentioned to me about turning furniture into traps by giving them the same scripts etc in order to conserve objects etc. I would also recommend that if you multibrush anything to import into your level, before you do COMPLETELY strip the area you want to multibrush of all objects, room and area brushes etc and only leave the basic solid,water, air brushes to bring in.
I think I may have brought something with a particle attachement which may have contributed to some of the errors I've had along the way.