View Full Version : Clocktower Help Please

30th Sep 2004, 09:28
I am stuck in finding the diamonds in the clocktower. Because of this I can not finish the level on hard mode. Can anyone enlighten me on where the diamonds are?:rolleyes:

30th Sep 2004, 11:59
You're probably talking aboutthe diamond gear you'll find it in thetopmost room, the one with the pendulums and two hammerites. Look up to one of the corners for the room, you should see it

30th Sep 2004, 14:00
Not to repeat what MisterT already have said, but it was pure accident I found them when I tried to open the clock window to get outside the tower (who even gets such an idea? :rolleyes: :p ). They can be quite tricky to find, so this might also help:

Use the gloves to climb up on the wall on the top floor with the large window. There's a ventilation system or something where you'll find the diamonds.

30th Sep 2004, 14:08
The special loot Diamond Gear, is in the corner high up on the wall.

It is the very first level of the tower. If you are in the lower levels this is tricky to get back up to but can be done.

You need to climb the center column in the large room in the middle level to work your way back up to the very first level.

When you enter the clock tower and work your way to the room with the pendulums you enter through the small vent shaft. In the far left corner all the way across the room. On the side with the ladder down to the next deck, you need to climb the wall in the corner as high as you can.

You will find the Diamond Gear in the wall about 15 or 20 feet above the floor.

30th Sep 2004, 22:35
Thanks guys. I found it, you all rock.:D