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29th Sep 2004, 22:16
Bought a new vid card which came bundled with t3. Since most bundled games suck, I didn't care much to try it, but I had heard many good things about the other thief games and looking glass studios so I decided to install it anyway.

My god! I fell in love right away on the first mission! The excellent graphics and sound coupled with the awesome game design (the asylum is pure genius) really hooked me. I can't believe I hadn't even heard that there was a new sequel to the thief series, nor can I believe that it has been relegated to bundle land. This is honestly one of my top 10 games of all time, a list spearheaded by baldur's gate 2, planescape: torment, and quake.

The only negative aspects I can think of is the quirkiness when jumping over obstacles, which sometimes triggers a bug which leaves garret gliding over the ground (forcing a reload), and having to travel back and forth to purchase different elemental arrows.

I'm definitely going to play this again, but on the hardest difficulty. I played 3rd person throughout, which obviously is much easier, so I'm going to try 1st person next. Maybe then I'll have a use for the lean keys :D.

P.S. Do they still sell thief 1 and 2?

29th Sep 2004, 22:19
I believe Best Buy still sells Thief1/2 in a collection set for a relativly cheap price. Definatly worth picking up (be forewarned that Thief 1 is jam pakced with super natural elements). Thief 2 remains my favourite Thief title, it's level design and mission structure are absolutely brilliant. However, Thief 1 and 3 have better stories.

29th Sep 2004, 22:33
Well, pick up Thief - The Dark Project and Thief - The Metal Age as quick as you can and play them. Also, I recommend trying to find System Shock 2 made by the creators of Thief, Looking Glass Studios...

Its simple. As far as I know, Thied - The Dark Project's game design was done starting from the storyline. They had a stroyliune and they designed the levels. With Thief - The Metal Age they did it the other way around. They wrote an outline for the storyline and they designed some really cool levels and wrote them into the storyline.

TRUST ME, you'll love those games. They are some of the best pieces of writing in ages.

Mr. Perfect
30th Sep 2004, 00:32
As a side note, you don't have to re-load to get out of glide mode. Usually if you bump back into the thing you got stuck on(or something of the same height) you'll finally land. Elevators are especialy helpfull, since they'll come right up under you and force a landing.

30th Sep 2004, 03:09
When I get stuck in forced-glide mode, you can move all over where you could normally walk and nothing, even at the same height, will get you out of it. Going back to where it started won't help (as it might in T1 and T2 when you got snagged on a texture to get your undies unhooked). I have to find somewhere I can glide off and fall onto a lower surface. Someone else recommended drawing the bow but I haven't tried that (I think the logic was that you tip up on your toes, maybe). Sometimes there is nowhere I can get to fall off an edge so I have to do a reload. Sucks royal.

30th Sep 2004, 18:24
The graphics in the older games are much worse. To me, that doesn't matter a bit; I have always believed in function over fashion, and the gameplay/plotline/fun in those games is absolutely top-notch. The same applies to System Shock 2 (which I finally got my hands on recently), though it's a little bit different. It's not a stealth game. Cross a Doom 3 setting with a Morrowind first person RPG element and you've got it. All are worth getting. Thief: Gold (you want the gold if you can find it; it has 3 extra levels in it) and Thief 2 you can find in stores for about $10 each. I had to get SS2 on eBay, and it cost me about $25. SS2 seems to be a very popular item there.

30th Sep 2004, 20:54
It's just good to remember that winxp and ss2 won't necessarily work together. I still haven't been able to make that bloody thing work despite all the 2000/xp fixes, tricks and witchcraft.

Funny that ss2 is built on the same engine as thief and it's newer than thief and still tdp works like a charm and ss2 doesn't. Oh wait...that's not funny!:(

But still, awesome game, when it worked years ago.