View Full Version : It wont start

29th Sep 2004, 15:02
Hi, i have a problem with thief 3.
i mean, the game won`t even start
when i start it, the first thing that happens is that i can see the eidos logo intro.
and that happens frame for frame
it shows like 1 frame per 3 second, so i have not got past the intro. I have waited like 10 minutes, and the intro just goes on.
another time i actually got into the menue by pushing all kinds of buttons, like ctrl+alt+del and so on. Inside the menu i couldn`t do anything, so i just had to quit.
i have a nVidia gForce fx 5700 ultra with the 61.77 drivers, and directx 9c installed

29th Sep 2004, 17:22
Does this sound familiar?


If not, search the bugs/fixes-threads for other solutions. They are there for a reason.