View Full Version : Stuck at the village

29th Sep 2004, 04:41
Ok seen a few posts on this but still stuck. Once all objectives are done the last one is the journalist.... Where the hell is the journalist!!!!!????? I've looked high and low for this guy and cant find him. From what i get you guys say to take the left path??
The one not into the main part of the village, but I can't there is tree stumps and rocks in my way and grenades and anything else doesnt help bust that stuff up... Anyways your help is appreciated. And dont know if you folks need to know this but its on PS2.

29th Sep 2004, 06:36
See the Green Circle or square, I for get which one. Go towards it. Seriously people use the compass. It's not really diffucult.

29th Sep 2004, 11:12
I feel your pain. By now you've probably figured it out, but go tot the raised hut (the one u can't climb up in!), there is a path off to the right near the fence, go down the path, (watch the trip wire), they will start shooting at you, then you'll hear the journalist say, "help, I'm in the hut". Hope this helps anyone stuck in the village. The game is a lot more fun after that stupid search!

29th Sep 2004, 11:20
should'nt you have put *Spoilers* or something...before you mentioned the trip wire...lol wondering wondering...good info though

30th Sep 2004, 14:41
I did figure it out thanks. The problem was that the path wasnt opening up to get to the hut. I found out that monty was never saying what the villagers told him and thats what triggers the path to open. Thanks for the replys even j squirrel.