View Full Version : Your weapon of choice?

28th Sep 2004, 04:44
M14 scope! What's your's?

28th Sep 2004, 12:04
I switch off mainly between the M16 and M14 with scope.

7th Oct 2004, 00:42
i like the m-60 myself being a navy seabee ive shot one a few times. but i like the swedish (whateverthenumberis.lol)gun.:D

7th Oct 2004, 00:45
RPD :)

7th Oct 2004, 00:53
yeah the RPD is hot, i love that weapon.lol

8th Oct 2004, 03:06
I switch off between the Mosin-Nagant M91/30 (98k in the game) and the AK-47... Both Very Accurate weapons, 'cept the Mosin is a Bolt Action...

11th Oct 2004, 12:50
Depends on the situation.

11th Oct 2004, 16:47
yeah, if i got people right in front of me, i'll want an automatic weapon, but long range goes to the Mosin-Nagant

11th Oct 2004, 22:11
I like the M16, pretty versatile for in-close on burst, and at longer ranges for single-shot pot shots. The M14 with scope is my favorite for long distance accurate shooting.

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11th Oct 2004, 22:19
I still say it's all about the RPD:

1. You get ammo drops from almost every VC, you'll never run out of ammo.
2. 100 round clip and more accurate than the US equivalent weapon (deathmachine included).
3. Incredibly accurate from prone and crouched positions. It's a headshot machine :).

When doing playthrough paths, my first objective would be to get an RPD. After that I knew I could beat the level with little trouble at all.

11th Oct 2004, 23:03
Yeah the RPD is very versitile, and i noticed something about the M60, you can get ammo for it from almost any gun!! how does that work?!?! :confused: