View Full Version : T1 Fm's wont play

John D.
27th Sep 2004, 17:18
I recently re-installed Thief Gold and while T2 Fm's work just fine, most T1 Fm's just show a black screen when you try to run them. I tried downloading the thiefgoldfixed patch from TTLG but that doesnt seem to have any effect. What's casuing the problem?:confused:

27th Sep 2004, 17:31
Make sure you have CONVICT.OSM. Some of the FM's need the scripts from Gaylesaver and Tellemiad.

Also make sure you have a full install of the GOLD version.

John D.
27th Sep 2004, 18:46
Okay, I reinstalled just to make sure I did it right, I do have convict.osm, I dont have Gaylesaver's scripts because the missions I have are early ones that dont need them. I can run Thief Gold normally, but when I try to load Fm's through darkloader, it still doesnt work. I even tried renaming thiefgoldfixed to THIEF and removing the other start file, but nothing has changed.:(

27th Sep 2004, 19:57
Turn off the Z Buffer and read ALL OF THIS: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=667

John D.
28th Sep 2004, 01:10
Okay turning off z buffer didnt work, I read that thread but I really didnt see anything that applied to my system. I run a 2200+ Athlon 512 meg DDR ram system that uses win XP.

28th Sep 2004, 01:36
Consider running in COMPATIBILITY mode for 2000, and what is your Vcard?

28th Sep 2004, 04:50
What have you changed between the install that worked and the one that doesn't? Think hard. OS, sound or video card, drivers? That may give you a clue. I think theBlackman has you on the right track. The only other thing I can think of is to deinstall and reinstall Darkloader. There is some initialization done by darkloader the first time you play Thief 1 after installing Darkloader, and that may have gotten messed up. It could have been wiped out by the reinstall of Thief 1. Set DL to original missions first. Save your config and ini files in case they are needed later, but start with a clean slate now just to see what happens. Use version 4.1. Good luck, and let us know what it is if you solve it.

John D.
28th Sep 2004, 10:51
I took the remamed 'thieffixedgold' file and renamed it to 'THIEF' then I set it's compatability to win 2000 and now it works just fine!:)