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26th Sep 2004, 18:50
I installed T3 and it worked great. Got to the docks and it crashed. Restarted and it said I needed to upgrade direct X. Uploaded to 9.c or 9.d, whatever. When I'd start the game, the mouse pointer still would not move though I could cycle through the menu with the ball. When I went to options, the middle box was empty!

I reinstalled. Same problem. Is there a fix or am I just SOL and have to toss the game?

I'm running under XP on a 3.2 gig machine with 2 gigs of ram, an SB Audigy, and a Radeon 9200. Before you tell me to download new drivers, I already have.

26th Sep 2004, 20:25
Download new drivers.

Ok sorry corny.

But seriously, have you upgraded your MOTHERBOARD drivers or just v-card? If you havent upgraded motherboard do so asap.