View Full Version : Removing lockpick window???

26th Sep 2004, 15:53
I read at the ttc forums about this way of editing the ini to remove the lockpicking window (which makes it harder... which I want)... I tried it, but it thief crashes everytime it loads if I have it edited... has anyone succesfully done this? If you have could you please tell me the EXACT parts you edited... or just upload your ini so I can use it?

27th Sep 2004, 14:36
Heh, shameless is good: and if you hadn't pointed him to the Minimalist Project, I would have!

27th Sep 2004, 15:59
Ok I'll try that out...

But hey can you have an option to include "partial loot glint" that can be seen only when someone's VERY close to the loot (to distuingish non loot from loot)? Also I don't want ALL the changes you have in your minimalist project... I honestly like most of the HUD the way it is and I like the logo and font and stuff... AND I LIKE HEAD BOB!!! Also I use thiefbot for my AI issues so I dont need that.

BUT I do want arrow trails removed, along with glowing feet, and a less obtrusive frob color... and of course I want the lockpicking window removed (to make it harder), and I want the infamous "body bounce" from the ragdoll to be lessened.

Is there anyway to easily take "what I want" from your project and incorporate that into my thief?

27th Sep 2004, 16:15
Try the TWEAK 1.2 from GazChap. It gives you a handfull of options for glint, arrow trails etc.

It is rumoured to work with the Minimalist tweak. You can find it at TTLG here: http://www.gazchap.com/products/windows/t3tweak

27th Sep 2004, 22:04
I tried the tweaks at ttlg (which I was mistakenly refering to earlier as ttc forums), but I CANT get lockpicking window removal to work... can you tell me in detail (if you dont mind ;)) how you did it for your mod?