View Full Version : What do I do with Boaz fly thingy?

26th Sep 2004, 01:51
Hi I have managed to kill the boaz monster (thanks to all the help by the way, it was driving me mad) but i don't know what to do with the fly thing i have limited rounds and i have shot it will all i have but it does not die.
I may have screwed up because i saved the game just after killing the boaz monster so i cant go back to make sure i have more rounds please help if you can.


Chris Daly
26th Sep 2004, 05:49
Hi snapbar
There should be ammo near the Boaz entrance
if you have run out, it blinks red on the ground.

Failing that you might be able to hand combat
in any case a cut scene should start fairly soon

If you can get ammo just shoot at the fly thing until
you get to the cut scene , where Kurtis is
pretty well done for.

Your then into the Lost Domain with Lara again
followed by Ekhardts Lab

Cheers / Chris