View Full Version : Shalebridge Cradle

25th Sep 2004, 17:43
Where can I obtain a map of Shalebridge Cradle from?

25th Sep 2004, 18:13
The map is available in a mission before you need to go into Shalebridge.

If you have the GLYPH on the door of SHALEBRIDGE and the goal of entering, and you don't have the map. You need to go back to IRONWOOD and take a better look at what is there.

If you don't have the Goal, or the GLYPH, you don't need the map, and may not have completed a prior mission that you must do first.

26th Sep 2004, 05:03
I did the whole of Shalebridge without the map, then found it when I followed the ghost. And I had even been down there before and didn't see it! Doh!

5th Oct 2004, 12:07
There is also a note that helps you if you climb around above the guard station in old quarter. The archetect leaves instructions about his burial.
Now, why this note is located where it is is beyond me. There really is no good, justifiable reason why the note is there.