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25th Sep 2004, 15:12
I'm ImperialGloryFans.tk webmaster, I have been talking with the PR & Marketing Manager of Pyro Studios Iñigo Vinós about some aspects of the game.
I asked him about the demo (which is going to be published in december/january), the music of the game, the system requirements and some others interesting things. To see the complete interview visit


In the menu go to "Interviews" and choose your language. (THERE IS AN ENGLISH VERSION FOR THOSE WHO DOESN'T SPEAK SPANISH)

27th Sep 2004, 14:50
Does not say too much actually, I however wish these forums were more active with more consistent posters.

27th Sep 2004, 16:13
Hey, I think it says more than what you could be able to say. Im dont going to start a battle with you, but the next time think what you say because without that interview you would have NO IDEA of tha date of the demo and some other things. Next time, before post a reply like that one, try to get something better in staid of start saying things of the people that at least try to get something interesting for the fans. Understood?


28th Sep 2004, 00:32
*The next day, dawn*

Gentlemen, please draw your hand bags and take your ten paces.

28th Sep 2004, 00:55
lmao chill out I wasnt saying any thing abou the site, just saying the interview was limited.

28th Sep 2004, 16:09
For some reason I cant get the site link to open up, what does the interview have to say about the demo date? Is/when is there a demo coming???

Long Live Prussia!

28th Sep 2004, 16:37
It's pretty slow but it does work in the end, anyway, here is what it says:

When are we going to have a Demo?
We think it will be ready in december, to be published in january. We would like to show the tutorial or part of it, and at least a terrestrial battle, and maybe a maritime one too. We would like to show part of the development model, but probably it won't be enable to players. We will have these plans clearer in a few weeks

Release date? January, February?
We are thinking to have it in the first trimester of 2005. We discard january, probably at the end of february.

Are we going to have a Fan Kit like the Commandos 3 one?
Yes, is something that we want to make.

How is going the music of the game?
Very good. Mateo Pascual, the person in charge of the Commandos and Praetorians music is one more time in charge of the Imperial Glory music and sound FX. Is posible that we edit the game soundtrack.

Do you know something about the system requirements?
It isn´t clear, but there won't be like the Doom 3 requirements. The game is now being executed at a Pentium 4, 1,5Ghz with an ATI 9200 and 256 Mb RAM. We have finished yet the alpha phase so is early to say exactly which are going to be the requirements.

There is going to be a PS2, XBOX, etc version?
We don't have plans, it would be very difficult to play thin game in a PS2 or XBOX or similar. As it is done now, Imperial Glory is a PC game, and one of the best. We have other plans of games for PS2/XBOX, etc that we will announce

Nice to have some new bits of info :)