View Full Version : Boaz Help Please

25th Sep 2004, 09:56
the Boaz thing is really frustrating me, I have destroyed the front two pods but i cant seem to get the back two, i have tried it from what seems like every angle, and unloaded the best part of both clips and nothing happens.
Could some one please tell me how to hit these two (or do they even have to be hit?)
It seems so much harder with Kurtis, I don't get why hes even in the game.


25th Sep 2004, 15:11
look below there are plenty of threads that help you with your problem and btw if you are able to take out 2 of them keep trying and you will get the other 2 also, i had the same problem as you did and kept on trying.

27th Sep 2004, 16:12
Hi snapbar,

You need to use the target button for the last 2 pods. Check in your options for the keyboard configuration, or controler for Ps2 and it will tell you which button to use.