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25th Sep 2004, 05:17
Ok so I finally found time to play Theif 3. I like it so far but I am stuck...and on mission #2. This is the one with the church at night. Cant remmeber the name. ANyways, I pretty much have killed everyone and I am supposed to find some chalice or something like that. I went into the factory, as well as everywhere else I could find....I even rang the church bells and waited in the church and nothing. I cant find the chalice....anyone out there able to help? If you want to email me directly, feel free too.


25th Sep 2004, 07:08
You are missing the clues. Why I don't know. But you are told that you need a gear, the Holy symbol and that the chalice is kept in the Reliquary in the factory.

To read the above, LEFTCLICK HOLD and scroll over the blanks.

There have been at least 6 notes that told you all of the above, and that Gredieus was holding one of the items you need to get the chalice.

In the Reliquary are two large vault looking structures to the left of the spiral staircase. If you have the two items you need, then highlight the front of each of these structures and RIGHT CLICK. The item will automatically be placed in the niche and the vaults will unlock allowing you to get the chalice.

If you can't figure it out with these clues, you are not looking around as you play, nor really paying attention and thinking about what you are doing.

25th Sep 2004, 13:28
One thing that is more important in thief than in other games is that you read all the books and notes that you find. They contain vital clues regarding completing the mission.

25th Sep 2004, 18:38
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