View Full Version : So how does this faction thingie work?

25th Sep 2004, 02:20
I just got "Allied" status with Hammers after succesfully burning the sapling (finally!), and I was wondering what benefits I get, other than simply not being attacked by them...?

25th Sep 2004, 03:01
At certain points in the game, and as you progress you can get some "rewards". Won't say what, how or when. :p

25th Sep 2004, 03:03
So there's no where I can go? I thought I could go hang out at the hammer place :(

26th Sep 2004, 02:43
If you stole something from them or BJ'd one you may have triggered a "kick butt" reaction.

So far I have stayed allied with both the pagans and the Hammerites and have had no problems. But in the Melees that occur best stay clear of the area where the blood is flowing. :)

26th Sep 2004, 03:10
Originally posted by Gillie

I will remember that, thought it was strange, I never attacked them. Stayed allied with both too . They probably did not know who to attack, what with the crazy guards. I will just go back and see, wandering about. Got to do Shalebridge:eek:
it's mind boggling. erm its too late 4am

You are getting better with the "Quotes" but remember it starts with {quote} and ends with {/quote} or you don't get the full effect you get something like this.

and don't get this [QUOTE]Originally posted by Gillie
...erm its too late 4am

So every start command {B} {I} {QUOTE} needs to have a stop command {B} {/I} {/QUOTE} in reverse order that they appear in the command lines. {B} {I} becomes {/I} {/B} = Start BOLD Start ITALICS Stop ITALICS Stop BOLD.

27th Sep 2004, 21:19
Remember it says EACH DAY with the cocoons and elemental arrows (4 shots). :D

30th Sep 2004, 06:11
Gillie there is one in Audale park also. And the answer to your question is NO. It just restores your health if you use it.

30th Sep 2004, 14:03
Remember. DON't STEAL FROM YOUR ALLIES. Dyan is your friend, but if you lifted her wand, which has no game value, you violated the truce.

30th Sep 2004, 17:57
Your objectives will let you know when, and your notes will tell you exactly what you need from Dyan.

You can't do this too soon. If you try without knowing what you need, then you can have trouble.