View Full Version : Making a Mech face the right way.

John D.
24th Sep 2004, 17:36
I have a temple area where a 'modified' mechanist stands. However she insists on standing at a 90 deg angle to the altar I've placed. What's the surest way of forcing an ai to face the way you want them to? I've noticed this problem in other FM's too.

24th Sep 2004, 19:40
When you first put this AI in your mission which way was it facing? Also, which way do you want that AI to face?

24th Sep 2004, 20:13
When an AI is close to a (terrain) wall it will turn to face south (Heading = 0).

Either move the AI further away or use a custom object instead of terrain to make the altar.

John D.
25th Sep 2004, 01:03
Okay, I've adjusted her position and she's facing forward now at a slight angle.