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24th Sep 2004, 13:57
Just got Vietcong: Purple Haze yesterday but haven't played it yet. I just finished Shellshock yesterday as well so will be able to compare the 2 games shortly.

Anyone else played both? Have a comparison to share?

24th Sep 2004, 15:13
I would be interest on your (or anyone else's) take on PH. So I will keep my eye on this thread.

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24th Sep 2004, 15:24
You can't really compare the two.

Two completely different takes on the same subject matter, with completely different styles of gameplay. One is run and gun and the other is a mixture of stealth and aggression.
The first mission you perform as a SF guy in SSVN is quite similar to how the majority of VC is played.

The drawback with releasing a console version of an existing PC game is the need to thin out some of the original game so it will fit into the XBox's capability.
Unfortunately they've decided to merge Vietcong and Fist Alpha into one game. Rather than release Vietcong and then Fist Alpha as a sequel(prequel) later on.

Reading some reviews of my favourite games console release is just painful at times :(
But hey Gathering want to make the moolah.

Incidently, Pterodon who wrote Vietcong/FA: Purple Haze for the PC had no hand in the hatchet job performed on the game by Coyote (hired by Gathering) to port it to the console.

I just hope the console version does not put off more players from joining the PC based VC community.

26th Sep 2004, 06:48
I must say Vietcong is a great game. Espically if you imported the 18+ version of this game as I did. I dont think this game is even in the same league as Vietcong. They are both 2 different games, but if I had to pick the best Vietnam game, Vietcong is it 100%

26th Sep 2004, 11:10
which is exactly why Vietcong Purple Haze got about the same rating as Shellshock Nam'67....right?

26th Sep 2004, 16:25
Vietcong? how is this game? Does this game uses a third person view to play? Pls discribe the game for 18+. Is it worth playing?

26th Sep 2004, 21:01
Originally posted by ycdeo
Vietcong? how is this game? Does this game uses a third person view to play? Pls discribe the game for 18+. Is it worth playing?

Off the top of my head,

What VC gives the gamer:

- A tutorial which teaches you how to do "stuff" and a hilariously foul-mouthed drill instructor (18+ version)

- A SP mission set that is detailed, enthralling and rewarding. Commanding a 6 man team on SF duties in the foot hills of Vietnam.

- A Quick Fight mode that allows you to battle on maps from the SP game, the opponants positioning affected by the weapon you carry makes each attempt unique. Each Quick Fight can be scaled for however many opponants you wish to take on, plus wether you want bot squad mates to accompany you.

- A LAN based Coop option for select maps that allows for a single player to battle bots. The same concept as QF but the bots get to throw grenades

- Shigor's Prophet Bot map, bot v. bot + you online MP. (additional download)

- A Single mission function which allows you to replay battles from SP including the original supporting characters.

- An MP game that lets the great unwashed battle one another un-abated. 7 different game modes.

- The GiftfromPterodon cheats that let you explore every iota of functionality this game has to offer.

- A map editing pack that is far beyond my ken but allows others to create such graphical masterpieces as Can-Tho.

- The best aiming stance devised to date. A behind the sight but slightly raised perspective so you look over the rear apperture and use only the fore sight to line up on target. This gives you the peripheral vision you would still have if you where to aim through the apperture. This is where the myth of it being 3rd person stems from.

- You can run, jump, crawl, walk, lean ... fall.

- The Vietnam mode servers (the majority of MP servers) which do not allow for any onscreen cues for ammo, health or compass and no aiming dot either. You either aim with the sights or you miss. Skillful gameplay is rewarded.

This game has so much versatility, that when I first loaded Shell Shock I was indeed shocked. You get sweet Felicity Arkwright except Single Player and even that wont work with Nvidia drivers.

That said SSVN is an enjoyable romp when it works for me although a little limited. As not all games come with an MP option then this feature cannot be seen by the reviewer to be a factor on what score it should receive. Is longevity something that is factored into score? probably not.
The guy who reviewed SSVN may have been a run'n'gun afficianado. Either way as the two games are so different in gameplay it wouldn't make sense to compare ratings for anything other than technical pros/cons.

The 18+ version just has more un-censored swearing and more gore, arms and legs are blown off in air-strikes. Which you can call in by using a little map, this requires you to understand the topograhy of the surrounding area and call in the strike accurately or you kill yourself. Another great feature.

So there you go in a nutshell.

27th Sep 2004, 06:52
The PC version is 100 times better because the Console versions used different designer teams for some stupid reason. So they changed all the levels and the Console verisons suck d***!!! sorry..but they do..i mean they only have like 13 levels! the PC version has 38 levels or over. The Console versions basically have some of the same levels but they changed the "defend the base" level so instead of running around in the sh** your just sitting on a turret shooting any VCs you see...so if your gonna get Vietcong..get The PC version..its way better...plus the Console versions got a 5.3 or 5.4 rating on Gamespot.com i think it was actually lower than shellshocks rating...lol...oh well dudes!

27th Sep 2004, 13:34
Systek, thanks for taking the time to shed light on VC: PH. I generally listen to reviews by individual players more than the "official" reviews on sites such as IGN.

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