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24th Sep 2004, 01:47
i have just completed the game for the second time. i first played it when it was first released and tbh i wasnt impressed. the story and levels had so much unfulfilled potential. the game was riddled with bugs, way too short and the puzzles too few and too easy (imo). this was probably the worst TR game in the series after the lead ups offered so much promise.

i debated for a long while about reinstalling the game, having done so once until on the first level she decided to leap over a balcony to her death, instead of reloading i uninstalled.

having nothing new to play except fps i once again decided to give the game another try. i iinstalled the game, and the patches and persevered. this time around i have to say i enjoyed the game much more, okay it was a lot easier, and seemed even shorter than i remembered but bug free (apart from being unable to instal eax) i certainly apreciated more the advances in the game.

i played through the whole game without using a medi pack, and kurtis had plenty of ammo. first time around i had to use the infinite clip when fighting the proto and boaz. still didnt enjoy having kurtis in the game tho, but hey each to his own. even fighting boaz and proto were a lot easier.

what i guess i am saying is after slating the game first time around, playing it again has made me realise its not such a bad game, ok probably still the worst of the series but it deffinatley shows promise for TR7. i liked the upgrade ability although it could have been used more effectivley. offering different routes through levels. the style of the different levels was also nice to see, sewers, towns, buildings and tombs (in the sence of hall of seasons and vault of heroes). offered variety and sadly once again unfullfilled potential.

before playing the game second time through i would have had second thoughts about rushing out to buy the next TR game, but after playing it again i will be looking for the pre-order form without a doubt. who knows i may even get round to working on a game guide for my webby.

(yeah it may be a lot to read but im having trouble sleeping, and its too dark out to put doom 3 on :eek:

24th Sep 2004, 22:50
The clips in both the Boaz level and Proto level are rejuvenating clips like the one in Von Croys appartment. The only difference is is that Kurtis's gun has to be empty for the clips to appear.

24th Sep 2004, 23:11
so when the gun is empty how many clips can you pick up?

btw i kept picking up ammo all over von apartment and kept picking the one that keeps responding till i got around hmm 2400 or something like that (before you pick the gun up or it will not work)

24th Sep 2004, 23:21
I only used 2 or 3 clips in the Boaz level, but it seems to me I read in a walkthrough that you can pick up as many clips as you want, as long as Kurtis's gun is empty. That's in both Boaz and Proto levels.