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23rd Sep 2004, 15:03
I know many of you new-machiners out there may resent this, but I am just tired of new games that require a new freakin' system. I am living away from my home country and will not be purchasing another new desktop system after only 1 year!

As much as I have enjoyed the theif series, I find a very bad feeling in that the new version (even with its substantial improvements) is not playable with an ATI radeon 7000. I will not spend in the neighborhood of $2000 to play a $39 game!

Anyone else out there have a similar opinion?

Do I care?


23rd Sep 2004, 15:50
You don't have to spend $2000. You only have to spend probably $50-75, if you're willing to buy a used card off ebay or something similar. The Radeon 7000 cards are probably 5 years old. I can't tell you about the rest of the system, but this is a simple fact of computer gaming. They are going to constantly push the envelope, making use of newer features and capabilities that will require more and more powerful components. You will never ever finish upgrading a computer if you plan on playing modern games. Even if you went out, right now, and spent $600 on a brand new X800XT PE or a 6800 Ultra, it would be obsolete and require upgrading again in probably 3-4 years.

23rd Sep 2004, 17:08
I think, and I don't mean to be confrontational, that it's a slightly ignorant attitude to take, drjazz. That's kinda like saying "I payed for the car, why am I constantly having to pay for fuel, oil and repairs too? And why won't it last me forever?" I mean sure, the PC market moves slightly faster but the costs aren't as big as most make out. (God knows who gave you £2000 estimate. Give me that money and I could make two entire powerful towers or 3 or 4 ones suited to current gaming and most likely the two proceeding years at least!) Especially considering console games are more expensive. (Fact.)

As for the whole idea behind *having* to upgrade... no one one's making you. Do you honestly expect the industry to *not* take advantage of the latest advances? Just play old games if you don't want to upgrade. Even if you argue that consoles are more popular and with them you don't need to upgrade so often, (Frankly, even that isn't true IMO and either way totaly relies on if you are clueless enough to take the generic terms 'consoles' and 'PCs' and call them rivals. The Playstation 3 core is a commisioned designed from IBM, the Xbox is a Microsoft, Nvidia and Intel based product, [Though XBox2 will have an ATI GPU.] and Nintendo aren't exactly market leaders so I don't see them trying to kill of PC gaming, it'd be kinda like shooting yourself in the foot.), the PC is very much the higher performance proofing ground that develops the features for the next gen of gamers.

My advice? Suck it up and stop complaining.

23rd Sep 2004, 20:03
T 3 is probably extreme in this sense. I've never seen anything with such high system requirements, so I think drjazz got a point there.

They could maybe have done it different with less graphic details but at the cost of the amazing scenery it has now. Though when the map for instance has moonlight casting reflections on streaming water or a large area is surrounded by thick fog, you can almost hear the graphic card scream for mercy. Maybe they overdo it sometimes but I still think it's worth it.

I'm everything but an expert but it could be worth upgrading your system now and then. In any case you have to ask somebody who knows about these things to get the perfect gaming system. Can't you ask in a computer store to get you a powerful system and at a fair price?

23rd Sep 2004, 20:35
This is the boon of the computer industry...but then again, think about it. Keep developing S/W that needs constant upgrades to work decently! Sounds like a conspiracy!!!

Well, you gotta admit, it keeps computer manfufactures fat and happy!!!

24th Sep 2004, 01:57
Well it is great to see that there is indeed intelligent life on planet Earth.

I am only running a laptop in my overseas posting, so upgrading my video card is not an option, and although several responses suggest a price well under $2000 for a new tower etc. (and I know this is true) I still won't be making the investment any time soon. So I must wait to enjoy Theif 3 for my return to US soil (whenever that is) you can be sure that I will have a machine built to specs for Theif 4 which will be out by then.

Trouble is, it probably won't load Theif 3! :rolleyes:

24th Sep 2004, 15:25
Originally posted by rustmite
This is the boon of the computer industry...but then again, think about it. Keep developing S/W that needs constant upgrades to work decently! Sounds like a conspiracy!!!

And you haven't figured that out until now? ;)

Well my own system is fairly new, a Pentium 4 with Geforce 4 graphic card, 3.0 Ghz CPU, 512 RAM and just for the sake of it a harddrive that can store almost anything (80 gb). Never the less, I play T3 on absolute minimum performance or else it gets too slow.:confused:

drjazz, sometimes when you get a new computer you might as well say goodbye to older games. They don't recognize the hardware required or something. When I played Shogun-Total War it took at least 30 minutes to install! Somehow the hardware fooled itself. In any case it don't seem to adjust so well to older programs.

I also have a humble Pentium 3 with much less powerful hardware for this purpose only. Even a few King's Quest games works great on that computer. So obviously new isn't always the best I think.

24th Sep 2004, 16:44
Yah, I know the gig about older machines and older software - this is a tiresome aspect of being a gamer. I think that is why I will keep my older Pentuim 3 1.5 desktop (now in storage) for enjoying the older games, just as you do.

The theif series is one of the best games of any kind that I have ever played, I hope that T3 keeps up with the legacy.

24th Sep 2004, 19:57
It's been ages since I played Thief 1 and 2. Though maybe I'll give them another try, I just love the training camp Garret goes to in one of them.

Hope everything works out fine with the computer. As a sidenote, if you like Thief then you might like Vampire - Masquerade from sometime around 2000. There's a newer version as well called Vampire Bloodlines. Well that's a game that might be interesting in a similiar genre. No idea what the requirements are for the latest version though.

24th Sep 2004, 21:19
I'd be pretty upset if I bought a new game for my new PC and it only used 10% of my PC's power.

25th Sep 2004, 03:08
Well if they werent pushing the envelope games wouldnt improve graphically and in scope... who knows maybe in thief 6 (I wish :rolleyes: ), there will be huge GTA style cities to rob at will and photorealistic graphics, and crazy cool AI, and, and and... you get the point.

Mr. Perfect
25th Sep 2004, 22:26
Not sure if your one year old system is the laptop you're talking about, or that P3 you have hanging around, but if someone sold you a year old machine with an ainchent Radeon 7000 in it then I wouldn't buy another system from that person again. Like Quillian said, that card is probably half a decade old.

On another note, I just finished Thief 3 on Wednesday, and it's very Thiefy. I'm sure most every Thief fan would enjoy it. :) Unless of course your only wordly love is rope arrows. :rolleyes:

25th Sep 2004, 22:49
... or swimming.

Mr. Perfect
25th Sep 2004, 23:16
Ah yes. I forgot the total BS of falling off the docks and instantly dieing like the Wicked Wich of the West. Now that really was a poor design decision.