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22nd Sep 2004, 19:00
Well, we're just getting started here, so I want to welcome you to the Crash N Burn community forum. The purpose of this forum is to not only foster contacts between the CNB players, but of course to issue and accept challenges to play, set up game times, and generally talk some (friendly, now!) trash about how well you drove yesterday in comparison to your opponents. :) So, welcome aboard!

1st Oct 2004, 12:32
Well, hi there Mike!
just wanted to let you know that I'm your "colleague" at the german Eidos Crash 'n Burn Forum. Just became Mod. of C&B last week, so dunno much about the game yet. But what I know seems very promising! I'll be around here often to see what you english talking people are discussing.

Regards, Robin

8th Oct 2004, 06:45
Hi Robin,
Glad to have you aboard! Only I'm not English. The Yanks rule this forum! :) Hence the location tag, Eidos-SF, SF meaning San Francisco. LoL Anyway, have you checked out the GameSpy Arena? It's my goal for us to have the biggest ladder for a racing game there. Here's hoping that comes to fruition!

8th Oct 2004, 06:47
So, Robin, why haven't you set a good example and voted on the polls, eh? :)

8th Oct 2004, 07:11
Oh, but I did that already Mike:D
Nice to hear from ya. San Francisco. eh? Well, then it would be about bedtime for you now;) I live in Holland and have just started a new working day. Am at the office right now.
Besides being mod for C&B, I also moderate the Timesplitters 1 and 2, Backyard wrestling series and the new shooter "Project blind" in the german Eidosforum.
Haven't seen the GameSpy arena yet. Where's that?
Have a nice weekend.


12th Oct 2004, 17:56
Welcome to the forums! May you lay waste to trolls near and far.


~The Jebus

19th Oct 2004, 18:50
Originally posted by questrobin
Haven't seen the GameSpy arena yet. Where's that?
Have a nice weekend.

Robin [/B]

Sorry to take so long to reply, but I've been down with flu for the past five days. :( Anyway, gamespy arena is a part of the gamespy website that includes some very powerful tools for users to create their own self-moderated ladders.