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22nd Sep 2004, 18:29
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22nd Sep 2004, 18:39
The WMD one could be fun, considering you wouldn't find anything. But that's the best part, it would just keep going, and going, and going.... Game would never end ;).

Before anyone reads too much into this- I'm just joking, not looking for a political debate.

22nd Sep 2004, 18:50
Originally posted by Clumsyorchid
The WMD one could be fun, considering you wouldn't find anything. But that's the best part, it would just keep going, and going, and going.... Game would never end ;).

Before anyone reads too much into this- I'm just joking, not looking for a political debate.

hey bro! SS: WMD has nothing to do with politics, would be all fiction and neat. for all of those racists and political CRITICS; IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS, DONT PLAY IT

22nd Sep 2004, 18:57
As mentioned elsewhere, I would prefer that Eidos remain focused on Vietnam. So my vote would be for Tet 68. Perhaps even one more in the south of the theatre in the Mekong region, and some city fighting in Hue or Saigon.

As far as WMD's go: there have been a dozen or so chemical artillery rounds recovered from EIDs in Iraq. More ominously, during the actual conduct of the war, our forces discovered sites that had artillery units co-located with stockpiles of empty shells (plugs removed, waiting for chemical payload), stockpiles of industrial high-grade insecticides, and brand new multi-million dollar chemical processings labs (no fewer than 3 such sites were found).

Unfortunately, the press is looking for a big neon sign that says "WMD's R US" or something.

You only need to connect the dots from the above, and to understand the nature of nerve agents: they are designed to inter-act with the human nervous system and kill it. Which is what insecticides do to bugs. What was Saddam's intent -- to fire 152mm artillery with insecticides at the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers to get rid of mosquitos? I hardly think so.

There is some solid evidence from overhead telemetry and other intelligence assets (Israel's Mossad, for one) to give credence to Saddam moving WMD stores into Syria just prior to March 2003.

Not to mention the aborted attempt by Saddam to obtain weapons-grade uranium from Nigeria.

Anyone who is still looking for Hans Blix's "smoking gun" missed the bullet that went between their eyes. By the way, Mr. Blix was involved in the concrete contract at Chernobyl ... and we know what happened there -- so is anyone inclined to believe Mr. Blix?

OK, enough WMD ranting -- but I am somewhat irked by the myth that the American mainstream media has perpetuated in this "no WMDs" message that is out there right now.

My profession for 20 years was the correlation of military tactical intelligence, and what I saw from the embeds and others during the combat portion of the war in Iraq would have me very, very worried -- the fact that we haven't found what we know exists (either in actual ready weapons or in precursor elements ready for processing) is extremely disturbing.

Now where do you suppose all those chemicals that surfaced in Jordan came from? If that operation by Al Qaida had been successful, the estimate was anywhere from 10 to 80,000 casualties. What if the target had been New York? You can up that estimate tenfold.

I don't know about anyone else, but I really, really do like the idea of playing this "away" game ... homefield advantage in this sport is definitely not an advantage.

Take point troop and don't get yourself waxed to the max. Geronimo. -- d2

22nd Sep 2004, 19:23
Originally posted by abcent
hey bro! SS: WMD has nothing to do with politics, would be all fiction and neat. for all of those racists and political CRITICS; IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS, DONT PLAY IT

Who calm down there. ...

D-2-502's idea sounds the best though. The Tet offensive has been done before, but not well. Games like Vietnam: Tet offensive sucked because game developers couldn't make dense jungles at the time the game released. And Conflict: Vietnam was based around Tet.

Maybe if Guerilla doesn't get discouraged from the negative comments and reviews they can make a sequel to SSN67. Hopefully they can make some improvements where they messed up on. Shellshock: Tet '68....coming to a X-box, PS2, and PC near you.. I would like to see some house to house combat, like in the Imperial Capital of Hue or something.

23rd Sep 2004, 07:06
EID? you mean IED (improvised explosive device) sorry but my dads in the Airforce and they are running out of people to go into Iraq so they take volunteers from the Airforce, and well if no one volunteers they just pick them and tell them to go...kinda like a draft...well it sucks! Did you guys see that special on CNN?? about Nukes?? they said they are predicting a draft in 2008! this sucks!! Im in the class of 2007!! one year after high school and im off to fighting raggies...AHHH...man...oh well dudes! some of you will probably be there wit me haha!!

Should Eidos continue to make games like SSN'67?? IMO...NO!!! are you crazy?!?! they should make games BETTER than SS...and they should try not to delay the games they put out and they should test the game alot before putting it out and having it crash on everybodys stuff...im not insulting Eidos or anything no way man they are good dudes but they did piss people off this time...oh well they shouldnt make games like SSN67 they should make better ones like i said before...well alright man im gonna go play Battlefield: Vietnam or something....


23rd Sep 2004, 15:22
I agree: the effort should always be to enhance and improve what has gone before. Hopefully, Eidos will see the criticism as constructive, and as a challenge to rise to in their next release.

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23rd Sep 2004, 17:55
Nah WMD would suck...That whole thing was false you can't say Iraq had WMD's you would have to make it "WMD's The North Korean Conflict." The 9/11 one would be to predictable, they need to make a Civil War one..Shellshock:The American Civil War...Cannons, Muskets, lots of gore....

23rd Sep 2004, 20:39
Tell the "no WMDs" story to the 8,000 dead Kurds who were gassed in the late 1980's by Saddam's regime (more specifically, by Chemical Ali), or to the Iranian military, who faced chemical attackes during the Iran-Iraq war, circa the same timeframe.

The UN inspectors can only account for about 90-some percent of Saddam's chemical weapons. That might seem significant until you realize that Iraq had stockpiles measured in tonnage, and several liters is enough to waste a fair sized village. So just where, do you suppose, that the missing VX, Sarin and other chemicals went off to? Or should we take the word of Saddam and Blix, as opposed to the solid evidence to the contrary?

So the question is not whether they exist, but where the heck are they? I know I'll sleep better at night when they are accounted for.

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23rd Sep 2004, 21:44
Well till then, they dont exist in Iraq cuz they havent found them soo yeah, and besides he used Cyanide Gases, and gas reagents to kill the Kurds not Missles....The whole thing about the WMD's were missles!!! They were not found sooo blah! In my book i wont believe in the hype til i see them...Besides they bought their ingrediants from neighboring countries maybe even were in trade with the North Koreans...

^^^PS If you think Cyanide gases are WMD's you are wrong, if they are in the wrong hands they are dangerous...You will be surprised how many Cyanides i've seen come out of the average Californian household...Its Ridiculous

24th Sep 2004, 01:04
Nah, they should stick with the Vietnam Themed games, Shellshock is great, but on the next game, they should upgrade a lot of stuff, and make it longer, ya know??

24th Sep 2004, 01:27
Yeah, they should make it longer, more uncut...More weapons, able to customize your soldier look, either helmet or bandana...Write personnal memos on your uniform, and helmet..Quotes etc...

24th Sep 2004, 01:28
EXACTLY!!! thats what im talking about!

Private Joker
24th Sep 2004, 02:30
I agree, stick with 'Nam. They should have a more interactive basecamp, where you can play mini-games such as cards and other gambling, to win chits. A fully customizable character would also rock as well.

24th Sep 2004, 06:50
How would you know they haven't found WMD in Iraq? How would you know? huh...from the Media?...BS...military doesnt tell the public everything...military doesnt even tell people in the military everything...so HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? and if you come with a lame come back like "oh well how would you know that there ARE WMD in Iraq?" Well I don't, theres your answer. Anyways is it true that its predicted right after or during Presidential Election theres gonna be some...activity?...and was i the only one to see the thing about the Draft in 2008??...well alright im out!

24th Sep 2004, 07:47
Well tell me do you know if there is WMD's in Iraq? And if we found them why the hell we still there?!:mad:

24th Sep 2004, 07:48
for the oil

and to "liberate" them...a.k.a set up a whole bunch of bases there and stay there basically for ever

24th Sep 2004, 12:02
Awwwwwww My Gaawwwwwwwdddd!!! You guys just ruined my POLL :( I asked you to vote for next episode just for fun not to raise a conflict, all of your posts are mostly about politics and sarcasm, please cut the crap! we were talkin about games, right? so bring your arse back to Shell Shock soldiers! dont get over heated by WMD or IRAQ or USA or stuff smelling global politics.
PLEASE???? :confused:

24th Sep 2004, 14:44
The poll didn't allow for a "none of these" selection, or an alternative to just improve on SSNam67.

As to the WMD existence issue: see my above responses.

Chemical weapons come in three basic forms: nerve agents (interact with the central nervous system), blood agents (break down the oxygen exchange mechanism in the blood), and blister agents (such as the infamous mustard gas used in WWI, that cause skin blistering, and internal lung blistering if inhaled).

Of particular concern in Iraq is a substantial amount of VX and Sarin (nerve agents) for which there is no accountability. That is, the UN inspectors cannot account for a fairly large amount and Saddam's regime provided no records of their destruction. This is the basis for the WMD issue that got us into Iraq (actually among many reasons, but people like to focus on this one).

My general observation on the whole thing: look beyond the mainstream media and the 60-minutes version of the truth. There are several enlightening whitepapers out there, including source documents from the UN. What the evidence points to is very disturbing -- or should be to US citizens in light of what happened in Beslan, Russia within the last month.

As for an active draft: personally, I am all for it. lol. Having been drafted myself. We -- as Americans -- like to talk about our freedoms and often forget that freedom comes with obligations. One of those is taxes. The other, historically, was two years of service to the country.

In my experience, that which we get at no cost (and what is a few dollars taken from our checks, right? There is nothing felt at a personal commitment level) we tend not to appreciate fully.

I would modify the draft, however, to include women, and to extend such service beyond just the military. Extending it, perhaps, to such things as the Peace Corps, community service projects in inner cities and the like. This option then includes, rather than exludes, those historic "consciencious objectors" -- for while they might be against war, how could they then argue about a two-year humanitarian commitment?

Just my two cents worth on all of that :) ... so take it for what it is worth lol.

Take point troop and don't get yourself waxed to the max -- d2

ps: And really, someone should take my keyboard away before I am properly caffeinated in the morning lol.