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22nd Sep 2004, 13:43
I am stuck trying to find tha potion to use on the blood in the attic. I've found a potion on a table next to a guard and a wooden table that is used to string people up and probably do tests on or wtf. The problem is I just took the potion but nothing happens when i press the right mouse butten on the highlightet blood spot in the attic! wtf is wrong? is there another potion and is the one i picked up fake or what?

22nd Sep 2004, 14:06
forget it, figured it out

22nd Sep 2004, 14:11
You might want to check your notes, as Lauryl tells you where her blood is. However its in the basement. You'll actually hear Garrett note that its still warm.

Hope that helps.

Edit: Well, I guess that'll teach me to not refresh before responding to a thread....

22nd Sep 2004, 17:31
I'm not sure if you mean the bottle with Laryl's blood in the cellar or one of the other missions.

In one of them, you use a potion to clean up the bloodstain.

You'll find the potion on a table next to one of the scientists, in a 'special treatments room' or whatever the name is. Then use it on the bloodstain in the attic.

Mr. Perfect
22nd Sep 2004, 19:43
He ment to clean the stain, and that bottle next to the operating table is the right one. But aparently he's figured out how to use it.