View Full Version : Please help. Can't fnd special loot in Cradle

20th Sep 2004, 19:39
Hey all. I've finished everything in the Cradle, but it won't let me out until I find the 2nd special loot item. I have 86% of the loot, but can't find that second one. Any help appreciated as I want out of this place. Thanks

20th Sep 2004, 19:43
The wine is in the treasurers office.
The bag of stolen gold is in the Morgue.

20th Sep 2004, 20:43
Thanks Blackman. I must have missed something as I thought I had been through both of those places pretty throughly, but I'll go back and check again. Appreciate the help.

20th Sep 2004, 21:31
Also, remember that all loot is only present in... well... the present, none in the past