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20th Sep 2004, 19:22
I am at the entrance to terces courtyard where is the clocktower entrance from here, exactly please, I`ve been going round in circles

20th Sep 2004, 19:37
If you are looking at the Gargoyle:

Turn right and run about 30 paces and if you look up, you'll see the glyph(if you don't see the glyph, then its not time for you to enter the clocktower yet). Its a bit tricky to get to, since you have to climb up the rounded wall opposite the entrance, climb up over the pipes then traverse over the pipes and drop down onto them. From there, its cake.

20th Sep 2004, 19:40
If your mission is to ENTER and Destroy, then go into the passageway that is due south of Terces. Face the stairs, turn right exit down the alley through the opening.

This should put you in a cobbled area that is roughly triagular in shape. At the far end to the left is a stack of crates. In the wall above are two steaming vents. To the right front is a short stair to a door.

At your immediate left above your head is a very large pipe on the wall and the grilled end of another large pipe that is emitting some vapor.

20th Sep 2004, 23:22
sorry fellers what I omitted to tell you was that I am on day nine and looking to place the artifact at the entrance to the clocktower
can you help me now I am still at the entrance to terces courtyard
and looking for the clocktower entrance.

20th Sep 2004, 23:32
From the St Edgars go north. It is the same location but you are in the wrong part of the map. Go into Stonemarket Proper. LOL

Or go round the back through Bertha's alley then cross in front of the gate and pass the jewelers, armourers, apothecaries.

I suggest you do this SLLOOWWWLLLYY.

20th Sep 2004, 23:49
I thought for this part of the mission I should be in stonemarket plaza then to the clocktower to place the artifact either way I need details to reach the clocktower entrance sorry for the bother .and thanks

20th Sep 2004, 23:52
Blackman is right on the money for this situation. If you follow his advice you'll be in good shape :).