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20th Sep 2004, 11:39
Dear Readers
I think you need a little help to go through mission which can be more tough if you don't know things (for PS2 Only);

1. Santry Guns; These are really very usefull, have unlimited bulletes and have great stopping power, you can stop a BIG enemy platoon to pass through, but they get jammed if you press the L1 (PS2) key. So use it by tapping L1 in small burts, same applies for Hand-Held Machine Guns, Death machine jams after spitting 60-70 bullets.

2. Collect everything if a hand icon appers above it, its either an intel or a trophie. Intel is mostly documents or stuff about enemy's plans while trophies are stuff like flags, badges, budha idol etc. Trophies give you CHITS (dog-tags/dad-tags icon located on up-right of your screen), chits are used for trade stuff, buy either a rocket-pistol or R&P pass ;) or take a hike to villege for some boom-boom stuff ;) . Duece is your guy, he sells stuff helpfull in missions.

3. Throw grenades on BIG enemy platoon if you have proper cover, use flash-bangs wisely (try practising it in firing range at home base) same applies for fragmentation grenades. Smoke grenades are very usefull throw them let them blow smoke clouds then rush to next cover.

4. DIEM is not an easy enemy HE is the KNOG, toughest man in VCs. All he needs a few grenades and a 100 of bulletes, but remember dont just rush into the temple stay at the gate and dont get in the range. Its difficult but not immpossible :D you can do it CHERRY BOY ;)

Thats all i have for now meanwhile if you think you are stuck and you need help, ask me, leave you question and I will try to solve.

23rd Sep 2004, 13:39
Thanks for the tips. I'm currently stuck trying to kill General Diem, which is a pain in the arse! I've shot him about 100 times and he's still friggin' alive.

I've basically done what you said so far: I lie down near the entryway to the temple with that gun that holds 100 rounds in a drum magazine. I then blast all the "worker bees" that come at me and take a shot at Diem every time I see him. Once I kill most of them, I then go into the tempe and up the stairs on the right, but then seem to get overwhelmed by VC coming at me.

Any other tactics I should try? I'm on my 4th try at this point.

23rd Sep 2004, 15:51
My tactic is to grab the NVA machine gun (large 100bullet clip gun)throw smoke inside, followed by a flashbang, then run inside and go up the stairs on the left. At the top of the stairs is Diem, he'll run in, take a position and fire repeatedly at you. Most times I am able to lay prone and fire directly at his head and take him out in under 100 bullets. Hope this technique helps- it's a tough approach and you may have to try a few more times, but if you get to the prone step, you'll most likely finish with little trouble.

23rd Sep 2004, 16:27
I'll give that approach a try this evening.

Once you kill Diem, is the game over?

23rd Sep 2004, 16:28
It's no fun if I give away the game flow :P

24th Sep 2004, 11:35
Originally posted by dcjayhawk
I'll give that approach a try this evening.

Once you kill Diem, is the game over?

NO! there is another final escape, defend & rescue mission which is the PAIN and will take many re-starts to accomplish :p but i tell you some tricks (if you're _not_ a medal-greedy-dawg) but first kill DIEM soldier!


24th Sep 2004, 13:53
When trying to kill General Diem, I followed the above advice to no avail - i.e. - it didn't work going in and up the left stairs.

What I did was this: Lobbed my final 2 smoke grenades followed by a couple flash bangs and suddenly Diem came out of the building. We shot at him and he retreated to just inside the doorway but stood in the middle. At that point, I just stayed at the bottom of the stairs so he couldn't see me outside the temple and lobbed 3 or 4 grenades at him. Killed him deader than a doornail.

The defend and rescue is a pain, but I finished that as well. Just lied down prone on top of the command bunker and shot everything coming at me until they told me to retreat to the command bunker. Pretty easy.

24th Sep 2004, 14:04
Finally u beated the GAME! CongRats :D I like VCs poorly written voice grunts;
1. I kill u GI!
2. Go home in bag you american!
3. Mommy! don't hurt me!
well, i did a trick in defending command bunker i moved inside and layed prone ;) i had to shoot a few skinny-naked-villegers aka sappers and finished. the nurse rescue objective took two retrys since i ran out of ammo.
But now its ok
My Stats are;
Killed = 956
HeadShots = 312
Bullets Fired = NA :D
Chits = 2 (i spent all for boom-boom)

15th Nov 2004, 19:11
i dont get how to defuse the booby traps...can some one gimme a little help?!

15th Nov 2004, 19:16
This thread should help you out (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=44798&highlight=traps)

16th Nov 2004, 02:50
Originally posted by bradmieszala
i dont get how to defuse the booby traps...can some one gimme a little help?!

When you get closer to a booby trap should you see a plier sign, select it. As soon as u select the plier sign you see a square with puzzle game sorta thingy, try to solve the puzzle before the operation times out. Under playstation you may use directional keys to solve the puzzle and i guess in PC it uses cursor keys (never played on pc so no idea though)
the Square looks somthing like
> -- ----------- :(
|_____| | :rolleyes:
< __________| :confused:
================:mad: and finally blasts if you're failed to solve the puzzle. :p