View Full Version : YEE-HAA Finally I am Done!!!

20th Sep 2004, 11:13
Hey EIDOS devs & players & fans & the rest!!!!

Man I am so _HappY_ finally I have beated the whole game! its was neither too difficult nor easy. As said on Gamer.Tv show, I recall a former US Paratrooper saying War is not fought by a single man YES THATS TRUE, this thing makes the game more interesting and more playable(not like other games where you & only you fight the whole war), if you're stuck in a situation or you are too injured to die just don't rush-in let your squad clear the way for you ;) I liked the dialogs 'old armymen's trash talk' :D a few more comments i am gonna poste later

23rd Sep 2004, 13:42
How did you kill General Diem at the temple?

24th Sep 2004, 11:27
Originally posted by dcjayhawk
How did you kill General Diem at the temple?

When you reach temple gate and short timer blows it off, just dont rush into temple as its too deep and too big and has about 30 VCs and DIEM, dont worry about weapons and ammo you got plenty :D (too many dead VCs enjoy their left over). Make sure u have a machine gun like M-60 or RPD (100 bullets clip) go prone near the temple gate by left hand ( since monty is standing right infront of gate and short timer is covering u from behind) and throw every grenade you have (throw as far as you can), let VCs come out and get killed by you and PCs. there's also a RPG launcher lying near the Santry, take it and shake the temple :D
this trick take a few time. DEIM will come out only when all of his men die. SO keep blowing and firing by shuffleing from right to left (never stop or stand in front of gate since DIEM has Death Machine too, and i know you dont want to die fast!).
Keep trying cherry! i hope you will kill him!