View Full Version : Do we want a Thief 3 Expansion pack?

20th Sep 2004, 10:48
After reading the recent comments by Mr. Dyer regarding the fate of Thief I realized that there is sadly no way anyone is going to do another entire Thief game because of the way the series has sold over the years. I don't know about everyone else out there but I'm still ravenous for more Thief. The ending in TDS was too vague for me. I still don't completely understand it (though that might just be me) and I felt it lacked the satisfying resolution of plot the series has become famous for.

Therefore I think Ion Storm would be well received if they did an expansion pack for Thief DS, with a new storyline & missions. Same game engine - same tools - maybe one or two few new weapons & tools, possibly the return of rope arrows & other old favourites - same Garrett. It shouldn't break the budget as much as a complete new game would. So, the company makes money. The fans get what they want - more Thief. Everybody's happy. Sounds good in theory. Your thoughts?

20th Sep 2004, 12:28
I think that an expansion for Thief: DS would be a great idea. As you were saying, it would probably not be a very large expence for Ion Storm to develop an expansion as they already have a great engine to work with. Why not skip a few years into the future and let the little girl from the end make an apperance again but as an older playable character? Maybe a few more missions that is not taking place inside a regular building like the museum or a mansion, but inside tombs and such.

20th Sep 2004, 13:33
ive begun playing thief1 again. although the graphics arent as pretty, the atmosphere is much more sinister than in TDS. just the background street noise in the first mission is bad enough. im looking forward to a big tall level with a distant moaning noise. it disturbed my brother no end. TDS doesnt do it for me im afraid. an expansion pack would surely involve the editting kit. but i dont think i want to see any more of TDS after i complete it. the background noises are less sinister, and in some cases weird. i turn music down to 5 so i still hear it a bit, but sometimes the atmosphere is ruined by some tracks. one track kept reminding me of an italian football programme they used to show on channel 4 in UK.
also, i found TDS to be too easy so i employed a ghosting technique to make it challenging. i took this to thief1 and after about 3 guards im thinking it would be better to play it as i used to, with my trusty blackjack by my side. not to mention levels are bigger in thief1 and sneaking up is harder because of the noise ones feet generate. although swimming is more challenging in TDS.

Mr. Perfect
20th Sep 2004, 20:25
I'd say that some level creation tools along with the expansion would be a good package.

24th Sep 2004, 03:33
Of course I have to vote yes to the idea of an expansion pack. I hate the idea of seeing my favorite series end, and after what I read of Eidos' web page I get the feeling the next title would not be as story and setting focused as past titles.

Let's face it, this is a niche game. There's nothing wrong with that. As long as you make a profit, and garner good public relations, it's a win to produce such a title unless your resources really should be focused on something vastly more profitable.

As for ideas, they left a clear opening in the final cutscene for the torch to be passed. I think it would be majorly ironic to have Garrett have to reign someone in. Or perhaps alternating levels between master and pupil. Plenty of opportunties.

But alas, I doubt it will come to pass. The games industry, despite starting to rival Hollywood in terms of revenue, is in turmoil, and only titles that stand a chance of pushing hundreds of thousands of units with license tie-ins are shoe-ins to get made. The art is nearly lost. US development teams are being laid off by the hundreds. Fortunately, these are talented people and they often just coalesce to form new companies. But it's still very rough. If we could get someone to make a Thief movie we'd be in a lot better shape, but hell, they chose BLOODRAYNE. Garrett should sue for gender bias, lol.

26th Sep 2004, 17:28
Although I was at the Museum mission about two months ago, it was only today that I finished Thief - Deadly Shadows.

Love the ending, by the way...

But I'm still hungry for some Thief, but only and only if it's with Garret. The producers should just improve the things that have been criticised in the forums of the world and they would be set. Oh, and do it with the PC in mind this time, so bigger levels, different architectures and designs for building, bring back the rope arrow and implement it into the level design, create a proper Theives Highway, etc.

How about a pack of missions in which Garret just goes out for some easy loot? A simple storyline, like a kidnapping, or a bank robbery (that foils Garret's own bank plan so he must go and rob the robbers), a murder case for which he is blamed, etc, just some "simple" missions.

Considering that they have said that they want to make a more modern Thief game, an expansion pack with our friend Garret would be perfect, at least for me...

I just wish they don't replace Garret in the new one...if there's a new one that is...

26th Sep 2004, 20:26
I'd love to see an add-on (and of course, an editor). I don't know what it takes to put an expansion together, but I'm guessing it's fairly straightforward as your dealing with familiar code.
I'd be happy with "random" missions, or a mini-story. I think most fans would rather see a "user friendly" SDK than extra missions, and if the devs made it known they were "clearing out their closet", I reckon most people would be happy to pay for any kind of expansion, no matter how "ordinary" the levels.

It's slightly off topic, but has anyone seen the editor with "Neverwinter Nights"? It's pretty brilliant, in that you can create quite an acceptable level in a matter of hours. If T:DS had something like that, it'd be fantastic!

30th Sep 2004, 02:28
Well, they kinda cast the city with this game. Remeber the original idea for the third game was going to be a free-roaming, go anywhere city? Now admittedly, they did kinda give us that, plus they did give us a reason for the street design, but this city felt very claustrophobic and 2 dimensional compared to the city from the 2nd game, where you spent as much time on the roofs as anything.

My idea for an expansion pack or the next game would be stemming off the coming of the Dark Age.

With magic fading from the city from the aftereffects of the final glyph, the Hammers start getting the upper hand over the pagans due to their being the established public religion, numbers, and militant ways. The keepers have to try to keep the balance between them and the pagans. Meanwhile, Garrett has to keep his new protege in check, who's as much of a disobedient wild child as he was. Missions could alternate between Garrett and the girl.

Wish I wrote for Ion, that's what I would push to produce...

30th Sep 2004, 03:13
Not until they fix all the unhandled exceptions, access violations (reading out-of-bounds memory by not doing boundary checking on their pointers), and illegal instructions. Man, I can't remember seeing an application with so many errors, all in T3main.exe. Couldn't sell the game off at eBay (no takers). Can't give it to my nephew or niece (sis says they're too young).

I'd like them to fix the program first before adding to it.