View Full Version : Xbox Re-release

20th Sep 2004, 01:07
I understood that the approved way of finding out whether we can expect a re-release of the Xbox version (with the difficulty bug fixed) was to PM Grey Mouser and ask.

So I registered for the express purpose of doing that, but GM hasn't replied after a week or so. Did I get this wrong? Does anyone know, after all this time, whether a fixed Xbox version is expected (and when)?

Grey Mouser
20th Sep 2004, 18:30
Hi Zapmeister,

Sorry I did not respond to your PM, just found it....I had turned my PM notification OFF as I had been receiving more than 30 a day concerning a different matter.

As it stands, I have no information on when a corrected Xbox version would be released, unless the game is re-manufactured. We do have a corrected version, I have tested it myself. But we are not allowed to release it due to...other considerations.
Check your PM box later, I will explain further.