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19th Sep 2004, 23:04
Ok, throughout the totla war series there has been constant requests for "campaign mode" multiplayer game types. There will be those requests, and they may have been seen in the past already, on this forum as well, as it is a game similar to the total war series in many aspects.

This game however, takes place in the imperial age and features 5 playable sides. I believe I have a unique solution that could work only for this game and will solve every problem plagueing the concept of a total-war-campaign-online.

Here is my plausible solution.

Upon joining the game, you join a side, Team 1, or Team 2. Similar to how you would join "attacker" or "defender" if it was Medieval Total War, or Imperial Glory.

Once on a team, you click a flag at the top, similar to how you would click a flag in Medieval Total War when playing online. Once a flag is clicked, you become that country and that country is unavailible to other players. However, since this is a campaign game, what you are really doing is choosing an initial empire to start with.

Now, in a 2v2, before the game starts, it would look some thing like this.

During the game, your armies can pass through your teams territory without attacking it (so if you were on "team 1" and your allie was on "team 1". both of you will be able to travel through eachothers territory peacefully like a crusade in Medieval Total War). All CPU territory is blacked out, cannot be attacked, cannot be conquered, cannot be allied, and does not function at all; therefor a player cannot become dominant simply by defeating CPU players..

When the game is played, a player controls only his nation and his flag. No one has control over some one elses troop movements or actions on the campaign screen.

When going to a battle, the owner of the troops in question, IE french troops and a french player, determines what action is taken, such as retreat to another province, stay and defend, retreat to fortification.

When in a battle, teams share control of their units regaurdless of which sides units are in the battle. So if the french and english were allied as team 1, and the english were in a battle with a player playing as the russians, the person playing as the french would share control over the battle with the person playing as the english. They would both be able to give orders to people in the field. Like wise, the russian player and his allied player, under the name team 2, would both share control of the russian army involved in the battle.

This I believe, would solve the campaign mode dilema. Coupled with a save game feature, like what you see in Starcraft, Empires Dawn of the Modern World, Empire Earth, and Rise Of Nations, and you have the absolute perfect multiplayer game mode. With no CPU nations in the multiplayer, five playable nations all bordering eachother as the playable empires, locked in a continental war with eachother that ends when one team controls X amount of provinces, and with every battle being faught, not auto calculated, and every player being in full control of the battle for one particular side with no incentive to "screw their team mate" as it would screw themself.

Now, some people may claim, few if any at all will actually play this game mode rendering it not worth the effort, but that is very incorrect, as you can run a search on a total war forum, for "campaign multiplayer", and almost one in 2 posts, or 3 in 4 posts on the entire forum, will be related to that topic.

22nd Sep 2004, 16:42
I second this option! Would love to see this in the game...oh and does this game have AI enemies to play against in a LAN setting??/ I sure hope so, as that creates some great LAN games......

Long Live Prussia!

22nd Sep 2004, 18:05
It is more or less a solution to the current problems of implementing Campaign mode and multiplayer as one. As of right now it is just an idea, maybe the devs will learn from the Total War series and its biggest mistake, and be the first to correct it.